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Hi I'm Ally, I'm 19 i have Three little boys i'm terrible at writing but i like doing it i guess . what you really need to know about my stories they are all kinda related (like the pregnant parts aha) that's why some parts have the same line.

  • Ally maria Smith

    mumbled "hey! sorry"

    hey loves, i'm so sorry i haven't been updating i just recently had my new baby boy no girls yet ughhh haha, but my story Catching Feelings should be updated soon, i just Updated Crazy Nights, and my last story i don't think i will be updating it for a little while, because i have a new baby in the house and can't really get much work down or writing. thanks for understanding.
  • Ally maria Smith

    mumbled "im sorry"

    hello loves, i just wanted to say i am very sorry for the way i write or that i don't edit because i can honestly say i suck at writing ever sense i had my little boys i stopped writing and i forgot everything, the only thing i'm good at now is being a mom and a wife haha, i just wanted to say i'm so sorry for the horrible punctuation or anything because i am no longer good at that stuff anymore
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