Danganronpa 2. Monchrome rebirth.

Every story has an end. Every story has its begin.

Since the fateful days of the BSTT incident, the school took every precaution to check up on their students. There was even made a foundation to make sure no killing game ever was to happen again. A few years past since the first BSTT murder game and soon it's gonna start again. Fifteen ultimate students of the #18 class are now soon gonna find themselves in that kinda game again. They are now in Monocamp. Their school trip right into Despair.


24. Drops of despair.

I fell to my knees. I looked at the monitor as it kept blinking, but the view of the statue kept returning. It was like all my hearing was gone. All of it vanished. I felt cold:
"No! God no!" Sam shouted as he fell to her knees. He cried out loudly. Magnus had stopped holding him. The big guy looked downwards. He was bitting his lip hard. Sasha stood at my side covering her mouth with a hand. Her hand trembling. Adam stood up against his podium grabbing to his head. Zeek's smiley was that of fear and he just stood there. Diana was silently watching. She was trembling. Liza had taken off her hat and tears rolled down her face. Mina stood saluting the screen as she trembled. Lucas sat up against the wall, tears leaking from his eyes. Sandra was crying on her knees. Samantha was sitting down, her eyes on the ground. Alexander sat on the ground his face up against Augustus's fur. He was trembling and sobbing. Lara was passed out again:
"Oh wasn't that just exciting. A perfect execution. Time to celebrate." Monokey said. Ce-celebrate:
"Celebrate?" I asked. I looked at the monkey:
"Celebrate what?!" I shouted:
"A successful class trial," Monokey said:
"We might have worked out the culprit. We might have solved the crime...She might have killed Zack...But she didn't deserve what you did..." I said. I had lost all the power in my voice. I could feel my body tremble:
"Well, you passed the trial. You can go back to the camp now." Monokey said as he vanished. I took a deep breath and turned around placing my head up against my podium. I closed my eyes as my trembling hand grabbed the poker chip in my pocket. I flipped it but it flew away from me because of the trembling:
"D-Damn it," I said tears leaking down my face. Keep your poker face, keep it, keep it! Damn it just start calm! Tears leaked down and I began to sob:
"Well, I'm off," Mina said leaving:
"Come here," Magnus said. He picked up Sam and began walking:
"Fuck..." I said as I hit the ground with my fist:
"C-come. We better get her back." Diana said to Samantha. Samantha nodded and the two picked up Lara. They carried her out:
"I-I will help," Adam said as he walked up to them. Zeek had vanished at some point. I stood up, my knees weak. I grabbed the podium and looked around. Sasha still stood there crying. I took a step down from my podium and walked toward her. Liza flew toward me and hugged on to me. She cried loudly. I stood there for a moment and then placed a hand on Liza's head:
"D-Damn it," I said as the tears started again:
"C-Come...You better get back." Alexander said. Sandra looked up at him. Her tears rolling:
"Come...N-now. S-Smile." Alexander said trying to force a smile. The dog licked Sandra cheek softly. Sandra took Alexander's hand and the two began to walk with the dog. Lucas left right after them. Liza began to hit my chest softly:
"W-Why did it come to this?" Liza cried out. I have no idea, Liza. I can't give you an answer. Even if you wanted one:
"Sasha," I said. The girl looked at me:
"Let's leave," I said. Sasha nodded. She seemed to be gone. There was no life left in her eyes. I took a deep breath. Stay focused, Jay. It's not now you need to break down. I softly pushed Liza so she stood on her own. Her teary eyes looked at me. I nodded. I then walked up to Sasha. I stood in front of her and then softly pointed my hand at her. I then softly bonked her on the head. She blinked:
"I know...What you feeling. But let's leave. All three of us." I said. Liza nodded. Sasha gave me a small nod too.

The three of us left the underground through a stairway and somehow we all ended up at the backside of the totem. We walked out and I stood in the campgrounds. Liza and Sasha left for their cabin and I stood there in the open by myself. My body began to move on its own and I walked through the camp. I ended up at the sawmill. I opened the door and entered. The whole room was cleaned up. I walked up and sat down on a piece of lumber. I took a deep breath and started to flip my coin. The sound of the coin echoed through the room, again, again, again. ag-...Again...I. The sound of the coin landing on the ground echoed through the room as small drops of water landed next to it:
"Again..." I said as I fell down to my knees. I had finally accepted him and Sophia might have killed him but she didn't deserve...Deserve that! 

The image of her execution roar into my mind. The jackhammer. The blood flying. The statue of the stupid monkey:
"Fuck!" I shouted as my voice roared from the sawmill. I took a deep breath as I started to hyperventilate. I need to calm down but I can't. The blood. The blood, so much blood! 

I felt pain across my face. I fell back and landed up the lumber. In front of me was someone I didn't count on:
"Lara?" I asked. The shepherd stood there. She was trembling but she had a smile on her face:
"Y-you okay?" Lara asked. I felt my cheek and looked at her:
"Can y-you stand?" Lara asked. I gave her a slight nod and stood up:
"I..W-woke up after pa-passing out. I d-don't feel so good b-but I wa-wanted to take a walk and saw y-you walk toward here." Lara said. I nodded and sat up against the lumber again. I rubbed my eyes and looked up to see the moon in the sky:
"You are strong for such a weak-willed girl," I said. She nodded:
"I h-had to do something w-when I saw you break down," Lara said:
"Well, I woke up at least," I said as I shook my head slightly. I took a deep breath:
"I'm surprised you holding out so well," I said. Lara looked at her staff and shook her head:
"I'm not. I'm o-on the v-verge of tears. I c-can feel my w-whole body screaming." Lara said. I nodded:
"I see. Don't push yourself." I said picking up the poker chip from the ground. I had finally felt the first drops of despair with the murder of Zack Dolus and the execution of Sophia Texo Gemini. I have to stay strong. Because tomorrow was approaching and if I can't stand tall. Who can? 

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