Prequel to Ben's story


3. fooling around


    It took Ben a good few weeks to come to terms with stripping in front of his class mates without feeling embarrassed.  He also no longer closed his eyes but instead started looking at their bodies.  At home, alone in his bedroom, he would strip down and stare at his naked reflection in the full-length wardrobe mirror. He was tall with fair hair, blue eyes and when he smiled, he thought himself good looking. He had a smooth hairless chest, a firm stomach, and a narrow waist from all the running he did. As for his tackle hanging down between his legs, compare to others he was certainly well endowed. Sometimes when in the changing room showers Ben would look across at Sammy soaping up and noticed him in an aroused state. Although interested Ben would do nothing to spoil their friendship.                                     


   Ben couldn’t believe his eyes when the taxi he was in pulled up in front of a set of gates leading to the river where an assortment of houseboats, were moored. According to the school bursar Sammy live here in one of them.

   Ben had left several text messages on Sammy’s phone when he didn’t come to school. After a week of getting no reply, Ben had got Sammy’s address from the boy filling in for the bursar while she was away from her desk. And he was now here. Thinking it over Sammy hadn’t really lied about being poor and that he could only attend their private school because he had won a scholarship. Ben’s problem was, what should he do now he was here.

  Ben decided it was such a lovely day he would stroll along the river bank and using  his phone camera he would  take photos of the houseboats and surrounding buildings, which he found architecturally interesting. He especially liked how they had converted some old gas storage tanks into flats. It was while he was moving back trying to capture one of the building, he heard someone shouting his name. Forgetting for a moment why he was here, he completely ignored the shouting and continued to take more photos.

It was only when someone grabbed his arm saving him from falling backwards into the river that he realised it was Sammy who had been calling him.

   “Thanks for saving me,” Ben said Shakely, still in shock from almost falling into the river.

   “You’re welcome, but why are you here?” Sammy asked.

    “What do you think?  Taking photos of course”, Ben replied because no way was he going to tell Sammy he was here checking up on him.

     “So why are you here?” Ben asked Sammy.

     “I live here,” Sammy replied.

     “What in one of those gas flats?” Ben asked giving Sammy face if he needed it.

    “Don’t be daft. My parents aren’t millionaires like yours,” Sammy said laughing.

    “Where then?” Ben said looking around.

     “In one of those house boats,” Sammy stated.

     “Wow that’s so cool!” Ben said realising it had to be the one that he now recognised had Sammy’s bike tied to its roof.

“So, when are you returning to school,” Ben, asked.

“I’m not,” Sammy stated.

“Why not what’s happened,” Ben asked.

Sammy shrugged and said, “I’ve been sacked my scholarship has been taken away,”

“But why. Ben asked.

   “You won’t know this, I’m over a year older than you. My last end of year exam results were so bloody awful I was forced to stay back a year to try and improve them, but obviously the outcome was no better.” Sammy said this again  shrugging, then changing the subject and asked, “How about I show you around the inside of the houseboat?”

   “Yes, that would be great,” Ben answered still thinking about what Sammy had told him and how he had just lost a friend.  He followed Sammy on to the boat unfortunately he missed his footing and he fell overboard into the water. Thankfully Ben was a good swimmer and, with Sammy’s help, got back onto dry land.

   Sammy looked at Ben standing there in his dripping wet clothes and declared, “Sorry man, no way are you coming aboard dripping like that. You have to strip off everything before you can come aboard.”  He then fetched a towel for Ben to wrap around his waist.  

  Ben now safely aboard, used a second towel to dry himself off, before putting on a clean pair of Sammy’s underpants. His next problem was he couldn’t put back on his wet clothes. Thankfully, Sammy had brought home his sports bag when he left school. Inside was his used tracksuit bottoms and top which having been in the bag for several days now were a bit smelly. However, under the circumstances, beggars can’t be choosers, so Ben put them on.

   To Ben’s shock and surprise the interior of the house boat consisted of one long space subdivided into rooms by a serious of curtains there were no corridors meaning very little privacy for Sammy, as one had to move through each room to reach his bedroom. The only area boxed off was the shower and toilet.   


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