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A series of untitled documents about everyday things. But why?

Author's note

THE AUTHOR'S OPINIONS!!!! i did not write this. the author asked me to publish this. the author is Anonymous

1. Technology

Technology. Technology is everywhere and there is no doubt. People looking at the phones, computers, listening to music, watching movies and anything else you can think of. I’d be a hypocrite to say that I didn’t use technology or even like technology. Technology is great, saving people lives about and stuff. But it can also ruin a person. Think about it. People have social media and with social media people connect to people all over the world. Brands targeting you, from your history of what you’ve brought, what you like or interested in. With this, it all comes to a price, starting off with nothing to valuable. Simply just hacking your social media, then finding out you email and passwords. Then every. Single. Little secret you thought was hidden away. Technology is a conspiracy in itself. The dark web. Ever heard of it before? According to Google the dark web is, “the part of the World Wide Web that is only accessible by means of special software, allowing users and website operators to remain anonymous or untraceable”. You are basically paying people to buy, drugs guns and other people’s private information. You can buy anything on there. It’s funny actually, the article helps you get to the dark web. Right after stating it’s illegal. Also the articles you can read include ‘Hacking’ and ‘Security’. Two polar opposites. The website seems to be secure though, meaning I can sign up and not have my information stolen. Then again, it says the same thing for another site that I know scams people. Nonetheless I still don’t trust the website in general. The guy who wrote the dark web article looks like he uses it.


The power of technology. Ever think about what technology can do? Staring at your screen waiting for the text back. Posting a picture on Instagram with the caption “I look so bad today”, with the likes and comments now pouring in. Posting a picture on FaceBook, bragging about your holiday. Sending your daily streaks on SnapChat, which is constantly glued into your head that you have to do it or the world might end. Technology is addictive. In most cases it’s easy to tell the people who are addicted. Others it’s hard to tell. Look around you, most classrooms students are on their laptops or tablets. They replace books. And when you replace books, you have less to carry around and you rely that your work is saved and safe on your computer. Yes, you do know that files can be lost but you still manage to trust that your work is safe. Teacher’s say, “Make sure you have a back up”. But does anyone really? Then your work gets wiped. Some people with brush it off. That’s when you’re addicted. When you brush off the fact the computer the wiped your work. They just write it again, but ignore the fact that most of the time they didn’t save it properly.


There’s something with technology that make people blind. They don’t realise the things that companies can do. Example Google.. Where you’ve been, everything you’ve searched and deleted, all the apps you use, your YouTube history and they can target ads to you. The former CEO of Google and the former CEO of 23andme (a DNA company) were married (divorcing in 2015). The former CEO of 23andme sister is the CEO of YouTube. Now, 23andme are a DNA company and they are pretty popular. They tend to get people to promote their company. Now if Google has all your online information and 23andme has all your DNA, think about what could happen? Think about Apple, the categorise your photo album, from the place the photo was taken to what's in the picture. Now I sound like a hypocrite but I just see both ways.

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