my life in the future

me in 3 years. what i like my future will be like. with a flashback of 2 years before. with my life has it is now. what want to happen in the future.

please dont copy i worked hard on this


Author's note

please dont copy i worked so hard on this story.

1. 1. looking for a home

The first time that I was looking for a fixer upper. The reason why I am looking for a fixer upper is because I would like to make my home a place where I fell that is my and no one else home. this is what my dream home will look like.I would like to have a home on the beach or 2 blocks from the beach. The reason why is because I love sea animals and if I could have a power that is not in this world would be to breath under water. Also to talk to animals. My dream home would have 3-5 rooms. 3.5 bathrooms and a kitchen with an in ground pool and a spa. With the fixed basement. With all the application and the water and the light and the wifi. This is all that I would like to see in my dream home. The it would like all different colors because I can not live with one color.  The reason why I can not live with all the same colors because then I would feel like I live in a bored house and that I live in a plane home. The living room would be pink and white. The one bathroom would be blue and white. The second bathroom would be green and purple with white. The one reason why is because I would want to rebuild my house and repaint it because I would be so mad and angry. The walk will have to be 4 or 2 minutes to get to the beach. The one bedroom would be white and light light pink. The second bedroom would be white and neon purple. The third bedroom would be pink and purple dots. The fourth bedroom would be blue and sky blue. The fifth bedroom would be cars or princesses. The third and half bathroom would be light blue with dolphins. That would be all the rooms but not the kitchen or the basement. This is what the colors would be like.  So I think I will be on the next chapter so please do not stop reading this so I can rewrite or fix this. So I will be on the next chapter now so please again do not stop reading this for me.

To find the right one there are some steps that I  will have to do. Here is the list:

       I will need to take with me a camera

I will need to take with me a pen and paper.

Take a measuring tape to measure the rooms.

Take some colors and some floor tiles to see what will go better with that one room or many rooms.

Look at the price.

Look at the neighborhood.

This are the steps that I will have to do to find the right home that I can make my dream home.  The reason why I have to do this steps is because i need to take because i need to make sure that this is the right home for me and my future family. This is because I will what this to be the best home for my future family that I will love and like to have. I would like to has an office in my home so I can work at home.

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