Wings on Fire Love in Water

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1. Prologue




Two worlds have been known to never merge for thousands of years. One world is Darkness which is represented by Water and Light represented by Fire.

Some people say that the two worlds one time were merged after the thousands of years, also knowns as the Angels. Darkness and Light beings do have wings but Darkness lives underneath the waters, and Light living in the sky surrounded by fires. 

Now, I'm going to explain it further. But the way I will do this is by explaining from the two separate world's views. 

It will be long but I will introduce to you these two beings who showed both worlds that Light and Darkness can exist together.

It is the only way to really have Dark and Light.

Both of these beings were born on the same day of August 22nd, they are the Leo pairs of Light and Dark. Which for every set of the pair represents a Zodiac but one Dark and one Light. Does not mean that they are twins or anything, just pairs. Meant to be. But of course, that is for later on. 

One being represents Light and the Zodiac Leo, her name is Ariel. The other being who represents the Leo and Dark has the name of Verchiel. these two beings are the ones that brought the two worlds together. 

Let us begin...

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