Fun at Hogwarts

The marauders are about to go to Hogwarts but what lies ahead? Remus Lupin in struggling to hide what he truly is and Lily Evans and Severus Snape are best friends. Sirius Black and James Potter seem to be getting into more trouble everyday...

The story line is my own idea but all the characters go to J.K Rowling who I cant thank enough.


Author's note

This set in the marauders era and...ENJOY!!!

6. Chapter six~The feast

Disclaimer - I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters. They belong to J.K Rowling.


"Tuck in!" Professor Dumbledore told us all and all of us first years gasped with pleasant surprise as plates of food appeared in front of us.

Everyone selected their favourites whilst first years tried to get a bit of everything. Remus was so extremely happy as he scoffed away at his food.

Sirius simply stared at the food for a while as though that was just as good as tasting it. Eventually, he grabbed some food and his face lit up with enthusiasm, it was obviously very good.

James was picking at all of the food. Even bits that he wouldn't try at home tasted wonderful and was eager to try every single thing.

"I'm so glad I was put in Gryffindor," stated Sirius, chicken spread across his mouth with his hair tucked behind him, just in case.

"I know, I'm mega pleased too though its nothing compared to you. How will your parents take it?" James asked, hoping for a good answer.

"Probably not so well," laughed Sirius, Remus about to join in on the conversation.

"Well put it this way," started Remus, "You only have to stay with them at the Summer if you really want to,"

James pondered over this as it was very true but what about Christmas. Sirius would be all by himself at Christmas and James didn't want to do that to his friend. His parents had made him swear to come at Christmas, to go home. What if Sirius went with him?

"You could always with me, I'm sure my family wouldn't mind! You'd be welcome too Remus, obviously," James generously offered to his friends.

"Really!? I mean, would you seriously let me?" gabbled Sirius, with hope on his face.

"Of course! What about you Remus?" asked James.

"Well, maybe for the Christmas day but no longer," mumbled Remus, barely audible.

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