The Dark angel

This is it, My first Original story.


Author's note

I hope you guys enjoy

6. Hevan

After a few days, I confronted everyone. I sat down next to Jane and told everyone my plan. I needed to get to heaven, If it was real. “I can’t get you there, but I know someone who can.” Dante. Jenny transported us to Coastal City, A city on the west coast. Dante lead us to an abandoned building. We went inside. Dante took us to a room with a desk with the star of Satan. Suddenly, a bunch of guys with guns jumped us. One knocked Jenny to the ground. I pulled out My revolver and shot it in the air. They all stepped back. A man in a blue trench coat with white hair and blue eyes approached me. A sword came between me and the man. Dante came up to the man. “Leave them alone. This is between me, you, and Arthur.” he said. “So, the good side of hell comes back to the bad side of heaven.” He said. “Vergil, that’s enough.” I just punched Vergil in the nose. He stepped back. Blood came from from his nose. “Not bad. You are strong. For that, you have my respect. What do you want?” I explained everything from the beginning. “Well, I could get you to heaven, but it’s gonna be hard.” Vergil said. We went to a room with a star of Satan drawn on the floor. A girl in a hoodie was mixing something on a table. “Kat.” Vergil called. The girl turned around and saw Vergil, me, Dante, and Jane. “Hey, Dante. What do you want?” Kat asked. “I need to get heaven.” I said “I have to see my mother.” Kat just smiled and drew a cross with black spray-paint on the floor. I stepped on it. Jane went with me. We were transported to a world of gardens and flowers. The smell of lavender filled the air. People with big, white wings and robes cared for the garden. I saw a woman with long, black hair, hazel eyes, and a beautiful smile. I walked up to her. I was stopped by two guys in white armor holding swords. “Get out of my way.” I said. The woman walked up to the guards. “Let them go.” she said with a soft voice. She knew who I was. She looked at me. “You know who I am.” I said. She just hugged me. After she let me go, I explained why I was here. “Your father never wanted you to reach your true power because you would be afraid you would be stronger than he is.” she said with fear in her voice. She handed me a ring with demon signs around it. I put it on. I felt a strange feeling in my body. My mom lead us to an arena. I was put in it. I was put up against a giant demon. It was at least 40 feet tall, horns, a blaster for an arm, a blade on the other, and armor all over his body. I was given a black sword with a bat wing like hilt. The demon shot his blaster and I dodged it. I slashed at his leg and he fell to one knee. I went to get his head, but he slashed at me with his blade. I fell to the ground, blood coming from my chest. Jane jumped in. She picked up a dagger and jabbed it into the monster's leg. It turned and shrunk. It was my size now. It kicked Jane down. “No!” I yelled. The monster came up and pointed his blaster at Jane’s head. I stood up. I felt adrenaline run through my body. My hair and wings turned jet black, my armor grew stronger, I was faster, more agile. My wings turned black. My eyes black. I picked up my sword. The handle grew longer, the blade turned into a giant ax blade. I charged at the demon. I sliced him in half. I stood there in the blood of my enemy. Every eye staring at me. After a few minutes, I fell to the ground. I changed back to myself. Jane ran up to me. I woke up after a few hours on a bed, my armor removed. I sat up, head throbbing. That was the most strangest feeling I have ever experienced.
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