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Bitch fucked with me and now i wrote this.


1. The Author- Axel




an important disadvantage of an advantage that no one sees coming up behind them

i can't seem to open my mouth to warn them

or get up to try and save them

can only close my eyes and go backwards into mind

to block out their words and to wait

for the time i can open my eyes and everything has gone away

not today

i finally have something to say

i don't know about my chances

i'm constantly just losing my doubt in all these chemical romances

but you've grown into a bother and you remind me of my father

never caring about me despairing over you

I don't know what to do

until i can freely think and not come to the brink of suicide

and i can try to save myself by putting you on the shelf where i can't reach

each of these decisions were lead by my own divisions

and the only thought on mind was when would we cut the line

now it’s done but not everything was said

an example of why this was even lead in the first place

i'm trying to lose all trace to you and what you used to do

but i'm drowning with this bother that reminds me of my father

All i wanted was your trust but now you’re breaking us

And mine in the process

How do i stress the mess that we’ve made

After everything that I’ve sacrificed and gave

Away to time

Constantly trying to chime in my opinion

Just to be shot down by millions on millions of excuses

Just continuously adding to the list of abuses

Ready to hand me a set of pretied nooses

But I’m done with this shit

And walking on eggshells

Because it used to be a smooth ride before you went and fell into this high tide of negativity and self jail cells.

Never once thought that maybe I get it and if you say it it’ll all go well.

So you’ve turned down my offers and caused me to falter

But that doesn’t matter

because this is my story

And only I am the Author.

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