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Courtney Davis’s life is going her way. She’s going to her dream college, she’s getting scholarships, and she has the greatest boyfriend and best friend. This queen’s parade has a chance of bad boy rain. When Jace Wilkins, her ex-boyfriend and new neighbor, moved back into town, Courtney has a new headache and some old flames that just won’t die.


10. Ch 10

The rest of February has been a bliss. Jace and I are finally on good terms, and school has been a breeze. We aced our dance routine together with the choice of partnering up for the talent show in April. Jace has been going so good in English class, and his grades are a C and above.

The frosty season is over, and the warm season is coming up. We didn’t get out of school after that nasty blizzard, which I was happy about. I was able to work on my big essay for that $20,000 scholarship that’s in May. It’s crazy to me how time flew by. Meredith has been giving the meanest look every time she sees me with Jace in school, but we both didn’t pay her any mind.

Ryan and I are...well… let’s just say things aren’t what they were. We do chat from time to time, but our friendship bond has thinned out. I guess I’m at fault since literally right after our break-up I started to hang out with Jace a lot more. I tried to explain to him that wasn’t the reason, but...why lie? Ok no. It’s not all the way true.

March came rolling in, and all the seniors are pumped about the events that are happening: the trip to the water park, our mini fair, and prom. Prom is in May, but all the girls are going for their dresses right now. Life finally felt good.

During lunch, on Tuesday, Camerlita and I sat outside to eat our lunch, strategizing about the upcoming events.

“I can’t believe it! Only a full month and BAM! Graduation! As much as I disliked high school, I’m going to miss it,” she said. She picked up a baby carrot from her salad and chewed on it. I stirred my plastic spoon around in my blueberry yogurt.

“Yeah. It’s so crazy to me how we were just freshmen, and now, we’re seniors. I’m….scared of my next step.”

And it was true. I’m very good at masking my feelings, thanking drama for that, but I’m pretty nervous and scared of what God has in store for me. I went up to WashBay over this weekend with dad and mom. I’m in love with it. The campus was so beautiful, and the dorms were so wide and cozy. There was a church nearby so I wouldn’t have to drive all the time, and there a gym included into the tuition. It was just the right college for me.

“Awh man. Court, we’re going to different colleges. Can you believe it?” Carmelita’s voice cracked. I glanced up and saw her wiping her eyes. My heart ached of little and I pulled her into a side hug.

“It doesn’t matter Carmelita how far we are, I’ll always come and see you!” I kissed her temple and ruffled her hair. Carmelita is going to a college up in London for a degree in law. I believe she’s going to School of Oriental and African Studies. She flew over and stayed for a month in London. She fell in love and has been accepted in.

“I’ll make sure to save up enough money for you to come and see me!” She sniffled, wiping tears from her eyes. I leaned up against her and smiled. Things will surely be different without her here with me. We’ve been through so much together. It’s like a piece of me is going to be gone for a long time.

“Enough about me. Are you going to the water park?” Carmelita asked.

I scrunched up my nose in thought. I completely forgot all about it to be honest. I’ve been so swamped by school and the essay. “When is it again?” I asked, finishing up my yogurt.

“It’s next Saturday. Seniors only. If you can’t pay your way through I have you covered.”

“No I’m going to go. I need to make as many memories as I can,” I said, catching a glance of something from the corner of my eye. Jace was heading over to us with a plastic bag in his hand. He greeted Carmelita and pulled me into a hug.

Carmelita rose an eyebrow. I shook my head at her.

“It’s not what you think,” I answered her. Jace took a to-go box out of the bag and opened it up, revealing buffalo chicken tenders and fries. He looked between the both of us. Carmelita smirked.

“Jace, what’s your history with Court here?” Carmelita ignored me and focused her hazel orbs on Jace. He dipped one of his chicken tenders in some ranch and took a big bite out of it.

“We’re friends...right?” He said between bites, looking at me. I nod in agreement. “Will there be a chance of us getting together? I hope.” He smirked. I punched him in the hip and rolled my eyes playfully.

“So, are you on the market?” Carmelita laced her fingers together, resting her chin on them.

“No,” I answered.

“Yes,” Jace said.

…..wait what?

We both looked at each other in confusion. Carmelita sucked air in between her teeth and got up. “And that’s my cue to go and finished up some homework before my next class.” She got up with her finished lunch and walked away. I was going to uppercut her later, but I have to deal with this right now.

“What do you mean yes you’re still on the market?” I asked slowly, my plastic spoon ready in hand.

Jace wiped the corner of his mouth. “We’re not dating Court. You said that you want us to be friends. Nothing more. Nothing less.”

“Yeah but I meant for now! I...I…” I closed my eyes. He’s right. I did said we’re friends only. I can’t be a hypocrite.

“I might be on the market, but I have a sold sign on me,” Jace teases, flicking a curl. I snorted and pushed him gently.

“Anyway, do you plan on going on the water park trip?”

Jace nodded. “Plan on it. I’m not going to miss an opportunity in seeing some bikinis and ladies asking me to put spf lotion on their backs.” He grinned evilly at me.

I shrugged. “That’s fine. I can always get one of the jocks to save me if I drown. I forgot what kissing is like, so I’ll make sure to get some CPR.” I winked at him.

He didn’t find that funny. His face went serious at the drop of a hat. I busted out laughing and covered my mouth to not attract attention. Jace pushes me away from him and continue in eating his lunch. This is perfect. This is the relationship I dreamed of. We’re learning each other and-

“No fucking way,” I said suddenly. I sat straight up with my mouth basically hitting the ground. On the student parking lot, there was a couple leaning up against this cherry red Range Rover, basically swallowing each other. That same Range Rover my sister drives. The guy who is making out with my sister was my ex-boyfriend Ryan.


( Hey guys! Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOO much for 2k reads on this book! I’m so surprised by how much you guys enjoy this book. I’m sorry I took a hiatus. I got very sick and have been so busy with my personal life. It would really be appreciative if you guys comment and like this book so it can be an encouragement! Stay bless❤️)

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