The legend of Ruwen and Luwen

The story is about a girl who is invovle in a murder case and find's out the truth of her family's history. Then she goes through what any teenager wants, love. After learning about herself, she tries to find a way. Soon she ends up seeing more of what she couldn't imagine.


8. Aisha

stunned at the sight of the girl. Frightened because she is another replica of Airi. I struggle to move or talk. the girl came closer, her red lips caught my eyes, and soon was reminded of an ancient tale. It was the tale of the twins Ruwen and Luwen. I then look at myself, in a completely different clothing then I was before. I was dressed in plain pink Hanfu, My hair was darker and longer, and straighter. Could I have travel back to time? I look at the living replica of Airi, her red lips turned from a frown to a smile. 

she turned away, "Men take her."

Some of the man with swords and knifes surround me and drag me. We walk for hours, my throat thirst for water and food. This isn't fair, I didn't do anything. I am now stuck in a cage made of wood, ans is starving for food.

"What have I done to deserve this!" I yelled.

Again the replica appeared, still in the same dress. this time she stares at me and smiles again. "You didn't do anything, You just have something I want." Her voice is charming, and her perfume is strong.

"What is it that I have?" 

"You really don't know your manners do you?"

"What manner, too me it is you that don't know her own manners." 

Her smile turns from a smile to a frown. "You must be an idiot."

We began to walk again, she on the other hand sits in a palanquin. I look at the palanquin with disgust, "ttt, No manners." we reached the dirty street and every one kneels, they all had their heads down and inside their eyes I could feel fear rushing their veins. "What the heck." Why are they kneeling and bowing is she some kind of princess or something? We entered a giant entry place with lots of guards at the front door, as we go in there are people in side kneeling saying, "long live the princess of Arangliang" they said it for about seven times. the palace was very big, and in front of a building, higher than all of the other building that looked like a temple stood a man and a woman in black and gold robe. They must be the king and queen.

After an hour of observing things the Princess brought me to a room.

"You will be staying here for now, and you do know that inside the palace danger is everywhere right." the grin on her face was different from the time we first met.

"What? What do you mean? Did I time travel? And why are you helping me when you don't even know me. Well you do look like a person I know. Do you have a twin?"

"Would you be quiet for a second? You ask to many question at a time and I cant answer all of those at a time. don't talk while I answer your question until I ask you to talk. I don't know what a time travel is, I'm helping you because I know you came from somewhere far away from here right? And yes, I have a twin, unlike me she likes to wear blue dress and I like red. Now you may speak."

"You're very sassy."

"Um, what does sassy mean."

"Oh, um, i-it means kind."

"An unusual word I see."

"By the way, how did you know that I came from a different world?"

"That's very easy,  we have a gift, we can see things such as your smell, your fragrance, and your aura. But such precious gift only comes from those with a royal blood. You have an aura of water, nobody has that but you."

"This is complicated."

"Well my time is up, I have things to do, and while you're in this palace you will be my new attendance. Tomorrow morning meet me in my chamber."


It was too late, she already left. How am I suppose to know the time, and where her chamber is located.


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