Sonic and the secret of the Sea.

After a battle with his Arch-Nemesis, Doctor Eggman our young hero, Sonic the hedgehog is injured in battle and was sent out into the ocean to be drowned by the evil scientist.
But instead of drowning, the ocean gave Sonic a new power to help him Sonic is then washed up on the shores of Coral Cove, a beautiful place where the legends of Merhog's surrounded it. Sonic then learns of Eggman's next plot to destroy the beautiful cove and take its precious jewel, The sapphire of the sea.

With his newfound ability Sonic must stop Eggman at all costs!

Author's note

All characters belong to their rightful owners.

1. Battle with Eggman.

The sun rose high into the sky greeting a new day for the planet of Mobius, the birds chirped in their perches, a soft breeze blew through the trees and the sound of the soft trickling sound of the river just nearby. A lone female deer softly grazed in a paddock a few meters from her herd, she lifted her head her ears twitching every seconds before a brilliant blue streak dashed passed her causing the herd to prance away in the other direction. That blue streak was Sonic the hedgehog, the young hero of the planet Mobius, a beautiful oasis full of colour and beautiful and wondrous locations and atmosphere with clear blue skies, lushes green grass and gorgeous mountain ranges. The young cocky blue hedgehog lips curled into a cocky smile as he leapt onto a nearby rock and leaping off onto a cliff edge, scaling it like it was nothing to it he sighs enjoying the breeze that hit his face as he gained his speed just as he jumped off the cliff’s edge and running through a hoop at top speed.


 He loved the feeling of freedom and the feel of the grass underneath his every step, he longed for the feeling of the wind hitting his face and the joy of stretching his legs for his morning run, and he thought nothing could take this away from him.
He soon notices a shoreline coming up, the sight of the water made him cringed everyone that knew him were well aware that he absolutely hated water with a passion and the fact, he couldn't swim as well. He smirked, nervously and chuckled “I’m glad I'm up here and not down there...." he says to himself with a sigh before he sped up his pace. that's when a loud boom interrupted his chain of thoughts, he skids to a halt a small chunk of ground digging up from under his shoes just as he looked up to see what was going on.

He heard familiar cackling from nearby than another loud boom, he smirks with a confidence and cockiness "heh, whenever there's a boom ~ there's going to be Egghead involved, time to kick some evil scientists butt!" and with that Sonic dashes off to the location of the explosions, upon arriving Sonic came to a stop near the shoreline where the large Egg Carrier carrying the evil man inside crashed into the side of a rocky ledge.


Sonic shook his head with disappointment before he smiles "Yo Egghead!" calls the blue hedgehog alerting the evil doctor who turns and eyes him "you! I should've known you would come to stop me! No matter, with my new plan to build my empire you shall not stop me! Ho! Ho! Ho!" added the evil doctor ending with another evil cackle as his ship turned towards the blue hero,  sonic stretches his legs and tapped his foot on the dusty ground beneath him before giving a confident and smug look on his face.


"Bring it on Eggface!" Sonic exclaims before jumping onto a rock and leaping into the air forming into his most powerful move, the spindash as he attacked Eggman’s Carrier causing a dent on the side Eggman looks at it and glares at the hedgehog in spite.

"You pesky little rodent! I just had that waxed! You'll pay for that!" Cries Eggman in a bitter toned voice, Sonic chuckles before making a smart remark "would that be a plastic or cash?” The evil doctor growls with annoyance from the comment "robots attack!" Orders Eggman in a fit making the hedgehog give another smirk "what's the matter Egghead? Don’t like you're eggs getting scrambled?" the blue hedgehog laughed at his own pun making doctor growl more.

"Shut up! You pathetic little hedgehog, one day just one day you're cockiness is going to get the best of you!" Warns the mad doctor in a brash toned way making before one of his robots attacked the blue hedgehog with a gun, sonic sighs dodging every attack the robot threw at him before he curled up into another spindash and attacked the robot with homing attack shattering the robot inside and out, destroying the attacking robot. The robot laid in a shattered heap on the ground just as Sonic performed a boost of speed knocking out almost every robot on the field, Eggman watching from afar and pounding his fists on the control pad of the ship in anger and frustration "grrr! I won't let you win this time Sonic! I won't let you this time! Attack!" Exclaims Eggman, pressing a button the control pad for another attack.

Sonic glances over to see a group of flying badniks coming his way, preparing for an attack Sonic gives an over-confident grin just as he attacked the flying badniks, allowing the small animal batteries inside them to pop out and escape from their captive confined space before running off towards the forest nearby.
 Sonic perfectly lands on the Earth beneath him and looks up to his evil foe, folding his arms and tapped his foot in an impatient way "give it up Eggman! No matter how hard you try, I'll still come and stop you whatever it takes! I'll follow you to the depths of the Earth if I have to!" Sonic cries in a determined voice making his arch-nemesis cackle, evilly. "Not this time Sonic though I've already won this battle!" He laughs in victory Sonic was beyond confuse at what the doctor stated, but he knew he was up to no good as usual. Before Sonic could proceed to attack the mad scientist he was taken by surprise by a large robot that appeared from behind him which quickly took advantage of him and flung him in the air, like a ragdoll before slamming the blue hedgehog into a rocky ledge causing many injuries including a broken ankle, and a few broken ribs.
 But of course being the stubborn hedgehog that he was, Sonic proceeds to attack again but the robot reacted faster than he did and swatted him like a fly made the hedgehog fly into a nearby rock which caused the rock to crumble on top of him. Sonic weakly looks up to see the robot towering above him like a large predator cornering its prey, sonic tries to get back up to defend himself but he could not do so due to his ankle being broken he lets out a pained grunt and a yelp before landing on his backside once again on the sand underneath him.

This gave an advantage for his foe and an a wicked idea “looks like sonic is weakened from the fight with my new robot, what a pity to waste it on a weakened hedgehog oh well fighter bot, toss Sonic into the ocean and let him drown!” orders Eggman as the robot grabs the weak hedgehog in his large hands making the hedgehog grunt in pain from the large hands wrapped around his small bod, he swore he heard his bones crunching slightly underneath as he lets out a pained yelp. Eggman smirks at his defenceless enemy in his robots grasp in victory “well, well sonic what do you have to say before my robot tosses you into the ocean? Some famous last words?” after he had said that he laughed at his comment, Sonic clenches his teeth in anger wincing at the pain “just one, screw you!” he cries in a bitter toned voice trying to fight the pain and trying to not show he was in pain as he pokes his tongue at Eggman and pulling one of his eye sockets down to imitate him.

Eggman grunts in annoyance “Fighter Bot, toss this insolent hedgehog into the ocean and make sure he never surfaces!” He says as the robot turns and started stepping towards the edge of the water, Sonic's eyes widened with fear seeing the water underneath the giant robot. "No! No! No! No!" He cries in panic, trying to hold on for dear life but eventually the robot, upon Eggman's commands swung his robotic hand around twice before sending the blue hedgehog flying at top speed into the air a few meters off from the shoreline where it stood before Sonic crashed into the ocean below him. Eggman cackles as he watches the panicked and terrified hedgehog desperately trying to keep his head above the oceans surface but eventually due to exhaustion and the fact he had a broken ankle he couldn't stay above the oceans surface for long, eventually he felt himself sinking below the oceans surface and into the depths of the sea of no return....


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