Living with 6 brothers

This is about a 16-year-old girl named Jewel who has 4 older brothers, a twin, and a younger brother. They're all overprotective of her because she is their only sister. Her dad left a little bit after her younger brother was born and her mom just got in a car crash and she is stuck in a coma. Her and her brothers have to move in with their uncle, aunt, cousin, and her cousins friends. What will happen to her, will everything get better or get worse? Find out in this story


1. Characters Descriptions

Intermediate Family

Names: Jewel & Jackson

Age: 16

Relationship: Twins

Personality: Caring, Protective, Nice, Helpful, protective of family (Only Jackson), hotheaded, & rebellious sometimes.



Name: Scarlett

Age: 39

Relationship: Jewel's Mom

Personality: Nice. Sweet, & Polite

Name: George

Age: 14

Relationship: Jewel's Younger brother

Personality: Sensitive, Rocking, Nice, Protective, & Sweet


Name: Cosmo

Age: 17

Relationship: Jewel's Older Brother

Personality: Magical, Cheerful, Surprising, Nice, Protective, & Extrovert


Names: Scott, Seth, & Sage

Age: 18

Relationship: Triplets & Jewel's older brothers

Personality: Harsh, Protective, Straightforward, Nice, & Hotheaded


Outer Family


Name: Luna

Age: 31

Relationship: Jewel's Aunt

Personality: Calm and Polite


Name: Henry

Age: 36

Relationship: Jewel's Uncle

Personality: Hotheaded


Name: Stella

Age: 2

Relationship: Jewel's Baby Cousin

Personality: Sweet & Innocent


Name: Ryker

Age: 17

Relationship: Jewel's Older Cousin

Personality: Hotheaded, Mean, & Stubborn


Name: Keith

Age: 17

Relationship: Jewel's Cousin's Friend

Personality: Cool, Musical, Nice/Mean, & Stubborn

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