A Soft Sensation

I'm probably gonna add onto this!


1. A Soft Sensation{Introduction}

It's been forever since I've felt that strong alluring feeling in my chest. I knew that once I felt it I was, different. My heart pounds just thinking about it. My friends normally say it's love, but I shrug it off. It can't be love, can it? Ever since my eyes caught his I was knocked off my feet, tumbling down a painless staircase that had no end.

I can't be in love, not now! I'd get made fun of. My parents would probably disown me, and I'll be left with an aching pain alongside this aching sensation of pure agony. I can't shake this off.

I told my dad about this feeling, he too said it might be love, my mom, even my younger sister. My neck burns, my chest aches, my eyes burn with the tears of 'maybe'.

I'm so sorry.

But I can't be gay. I won't be gay. I refuse this. I refuse him. I'll be the laughing stalk of the school, my parents would disown me.

"Are you alright?" I look up at the face of the boy that is causing this feeling. My eyes sting with the tears of agony. I can't hold back.

Our lips meet, and for a second, every thought circling my mind melted away, and the staircase ended, and the agonizing feeling healed.

And for that moment I realized. I'm gay. I'm in love. And I'm happy for the first time in a million years.

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