The Living Dead Girls

A story of two girls that are made by a mad scientist and deny they are monsters


1. Frankestein's daughters

        Our story begins in a dark forest on a stormy night in an abandon mansion.  Where someone is doing something mad making monsters out of dead corpses. It is a boy about sixteen years old, he has black and white hair, a robotic right arm, in his right eye he is wearing a  monocle, his eyes are brown and he is wearing a white lab coat over a Hawaiian t-shirt and black pants.  My guess is he was orphaned at seven. Nowhere to go, nothing to eat or drink. He wandered around the forest until he came to an abandon mansion.  The same mansion he is in right now. The same mansion that he has lived in since seven. and now it is the same mansion that he will create two beautiful monsters. He flips the switch, there was a spark of lightning and energy and suddenly the monsters come to life. He names them Sally and Frankie. Sally has mint green colored skin, dark blue lips, jet black hair, and light pink colored eyes. Sally, wears a dress made of blue, green, purple and orange fabric scraps, and white combat boots. Frankie has sky blue skin, bright red lips, sunset-colored hair and purple colored eyes. Frankie wears a purple, mint green and black shirt, white shorts and black combat boots. He smiles at them glad he is no longer alone. The girls call him father even though they were made. They took care of him until he died at age 98.

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