A girl who had everything but love

Hello my name is Alexandria , Alexa for short and this is my story
P . s this is not one of those stories whereby the geek falls for the bad boy
Cause in this scenario bad boy vs bad girl . . . evil laugh ... Hah any way please read this story okay


1. Back story



OK hello it is me your author and I want to notify you on a few things this I do in most of my stories first let us start with Alexandria so here are her nicknames Alex ,Alexa and Xandria   for your information is spanish she speaks five different languages and is learning five more she has a brother ,mother and had a her sister and father the reason that is past tense is because of stuff you will find later in the story and she is a goof has many friends for a secluded bad girl about five they all live in Spain except her best friend Mia Winters but Mia is also Spanish so she understands us she has a thick accent because she lived in Spain most of her life moved when she was twelve and she is sixteen now ,  any way 

 she is a senior and is very smart wants to be the best Environmental scientist ever her favourite subject is technical drawing now before I go there is something you need to know the original colour of her hair is fiery red with highlights coloured blue (ice) ,green (forest) pink , purple and orange all her hair highlights mean something for your information so nexxxt!!!!!! So let's us talk about co - main character Ethan every one clap for Ethan anyway Ethan is 17years  of age nick names are Eth and Andy he is biracial black and white has four friends moved from England his father's home land three years ago father his friends with the mayor , his father is a international business man mother a producer has a little sister and he is new to Alex's school cause he has been home schooled and he finally was able to convince him to let him go to a normal high school but of his father did him one better he is attending a private school he is has smart as Alex except he wants to be a inventor the name of the school he and Alex attend is trinity college . 

yo guys finally done so i hope you enjoy it my loyal friends by for now

                   sincerly fire ice kwami



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