The Dealer

Calum Hood is a drug dealer. Jayde Mills is Calum's "friend". Jayde never realized how bad the drug thing was until she visited Calum in the city and he was high the whole time.


26. chapter 26




Buying out of our lease sucked. It cost more than the rent I was paying but I was happy that we were able to move out and into a home! 

While I was at work for the last few weeks, Calum had been packing up our place. It was difficult to pack while we still needed things so he started in the living room packing away books and movies and anything that was never used on a daily basis. 

Next he moved onto winter clothes that weren't being used since the weather was warmer. It was difficult for me to let him pack because I liked things done a certain way. It was strange when he moved in because I was used to the routine I had and suddenly there was another person that I was caring for. 

And then the baby came along and for a very long time I was frustrated when things didn't go my way.  There were things that I liked to do at the same time everyday and it seemed nearly impossible after having a baby who had different plans. 

I had decided to take a few days off work so that I could help Calum pack our things. We had gotten the house inspected and we were ready to move in. Our lease was ending in a few weeks and we needed to get everything packed and moved. 

My parents were here helping the best they could but they pretty much just watched the baby for us. 

"We're going to take  trip to the house and drop some things off. Can you watch her for a few hours?" I asked. 

"Of course we can." Calum drove the truck to the house while I drove my car. My next plan was going to get Calum a car so that when I went to work, he wouldn't be stuck in the house with the baby all day. He could take her out to do stuff. I knew it was going to get expensive so I've been having my dad help me look into leasing a car. 

As as soon as we got to the house he started unloading boxes. Julia and Luke showed up not long after to help us. We worked as fast as we could so that we could get back to the apartment and start loading the truck and car up again. 

I could tell that Calum was getting annoyed. It had been a very long day and people were constantly bothering us about things we wanted to keep or things we wanted to throw away. I rubbed his back as he stood to eat his pizza. 

"You can go lay down for a few if you want." I whispered to him. "I'll hold down the fort. Just lock the door." Our mattress was on the floor in the apartment and as much as it sucked trying to get in and out of it, I wanted him to go relax. I knew if he didn't he would be angry and he would take it out on me later. 

"I will after I eat." I smiled kissing him before turning back to my own piece. We appreciated the help from everyone but sometimes it was just annoying. Calum and I both were very much people who liked alone time. I liked spending time away from people including him. 

Once we were finished eating Calum went to lay down while I stayed to pack more things. We had a month to move out of the apartment but I wanted to move into our house as soon as possible. Why would I stay living in a tiny two bedroom apartment when I could be living in my four bedroom home?

"Where did Calum go?" 

"He went to lay down. Please leave him alone." I promised him that I wouldn't let anyone bother him. "I'm assuming he took V with him." I looked around and she wasn't anywhere to be seen. 

"Yes." My dad answered. I wiped everything down so that we wouldn't be charged a cleaning bill before moving onto Violet's closet. I packed away all of her stuffed animals and books. I also packed most of her bedding but left a few in case she spit up on it. 

"We're gonna head out." My mom came into the room. "Thank you for dinner." She smiled. 

"Thanks for helping us. We really appreciate it." I smiled standing to my feet. "I would hug you but I'm sweaty and probably smell." 

"Don't worry, Darling." She smiled as I walked them to the front door. "Hopefully you'll be all moved in soon." 

"Hopefully." I sighed. I wasn't too worried about the move itself. I was worried about unpacking everything in the new house. Calum would probably have to do most of it himself. 

"With both of you working it's probably hard." I wasn't going to correct her. Calum wasn't working and he hadn't worked the entire time I've known him. He wasn't using me at all. He wanted to be here with our baby and I would rather him stay home with her than to work.

"Yeah. We'll figure something out." She smiled. 

"Bye." They both left and I locked the door behind them. Calum came out a few minutes later as I was taping boxes. 

"Finally." He sighed sitting against the wall. We had already moved everything from the living room. 

"I'm sorry. I know they can be a lot." I looked over at him. Violet was sitting between his legs but leaning into him since she couldn't quite sit up on her own yet. "Can I take your picture?" I asked. 

"Sure." He commented smiling as I took a picture of him and Violet. "Should we give this girlie a bath and then head to bed? I say we take apart the crib now and let her sleep in our bed. That way we can just put it in the truck tomorrow." 

"Sure." I smiled standing up before picking her up and taking her to the bathroom. "Do you wanna take apart the crib while I give her a bath?" 

"No." He commented sitting on the tub. "I don't know how to do it." 

"I don't know how to do it either." I commented. "Luke built it." I shrugged. I was hugely pregnant by the time I had gotten the crib and I wasn't strong enough to hold it up. 

"I'm sure I can figure it out." He commented placing a towel on his lap so I could place Violet in it and he could wrap her up. "Don't pee pee on me." He talked to her in a funny voice making her giggle. 

"She giggled!" I shouted excited. "Oh my god! That was the cutest thing I've ever heard in my life." I don't know why but I teared up. 

"What's wrong?" Calum asked pulling me into him. 

"I'm just so happy." I cried trying to wipe my tears. My little girl was getting so big and I hated that I was going to miss even more of her life now that we were moving outside of the city. Usually it takes me 20 minutes to get to work. Now it's going to take over an hour with traffic. 

"It was a beautiful sound I agree but I am exhausted so can we get her dressed so I can take the crib apart?" 

"Yes, dear." I smiled picking out her pj's and got into bed with her trying to get her to sleep while Calum took apart the crib. 

"What the fuck!" He shouted so many times making me giggle. I stood up from the bed with Violet in my arms and went into her room to help him. "Is she not going to sleep?" 

"Not with all the shouting no." I giggled. "Do you need help?" 

"Yes. Come hold these for me." He commented and I stood to help him. I wanted to ask him if he was still dealing drugs. 

"Are you still dealing drugs?" I blurted. It was as if my brain wasn't working and my mouth took over. I mentally cursed myself because I did not want to fight about this. 

"Yes." He casually commented. "It brings in extra money so that I can help you." I sighed. 

"I don't need your help." 

"It makes me feel like shit that you pay for everything for us." He commented. 

"Then get a real job. You could be arrested." I commented as I laid a piece of the crib on the floor. The last thing I wanted was for him to be arrested and our apartment or house being searched for his drugs. I did not want to lose custody of Violet because he was doing something stupid. 

"I tried to get a job remember? It didn't work out." I sighed again. I felt like I was going that a lot to him recently. 

"I mean there has to be something you can do." I commented. He didn't respond as he took apart the crib but kept the screws together so that we could rebuild it once we moved into the house. 

"Good night." He commented going to our room and laying down. I looked over at Violet who was still wide awake giggling in her seat. 

"You think it's funny that daddy's mad at me?" I questioned her picking her up and sitting down in the rocking chair trying to get her to sleep. I stuck a pacifier in her mouth to help keep her calm but she just kept staring up at me. I sighed standing up and heading to our bedroom that was empty besides our mattress and a few articles of clothing. I quietly put Violet on the bed next to him before changing and getting in beside both of them. 

Calum had his eyes closed but he tucked Violet into him and turned over so his back was to me. 

"What's wrong?" I asked touching his back and he shrugged me off. I slowly lifted my hand off of him and rolled so our backs were to each other. I was freaking out. The last time this happened he left and I didn't hear from him for weeks. 

I heard his breathing change not long after but I couldn't sleep. I hated knowing that he was mad at me and that we were moving into a house together tomorrow. 

I got up early next the morning to start packing things into the moving truck and my car. We didn't have much left. I slowly carried each piece of the crib to the truck and set it up so that they wouldn't break when the truck started moving. I was able to get the last of our things into the truck before going to wake up Calum. 

He quickly got Violet changed and handed her to me before going to change himself. The last thing to go was our mattress and thankfully he was able to get it into the truck by himself.

"I told them we would leave our keys." I commented putting the keys under the mat like the guy asked me to. It felt so strange that we were able to move into our own home. "I can't believe we're actually moving into a house." 

"Yeah." He commented. I wasn't sure what the future held with our family. I had never asked Calum where it was going. I would love to spend the rest of my life with him and have more kids but I wasn't so sure anymore. 

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