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A story about a girl, who was told she was invisible.


1. Invisible



Dear You


You told me I was invisible. You told me I was weak. You told me I was strange.

You told me I was beautiful. You told me I was funny, and You told me I was kind.

They don’t want you here, you don’t belong, you said.

Your menacing grin spread across your face as you told me I was worth nothing.

You called me pathetic


I could almost feel your joy as you watched me struggle getting by each day.

I one day got an idea and I watched in triumph as your words were drowned out by each note.

My ears were aching, but at least I couldn’t hear you anymore.

I nodded as I listened to the artists scream out about their agony.

On days that wasn’t enough, I would bring out my notepad and write down every single word they were saying.

And that kept you at bay.

At least for a while.


Suddenly, it didn’t matter how loud I turned up my music,

I could still hear you.



You smiled as you took my hand and said you would always be there for me.

You pushed me on the ground and laughed as tears poured down my face.

You told me that I was meant to do amazing things.

You mocked me as I failed again and again.

You’ll never make it, you said.





I met someone, and you sat in silence and watched my eyes twinkle with happiness from every message.

You said nothing when I late at night would put my phone away and fall asleep with a smile on my face.

The world suddenly seemed so bright and colourful.

My laughter was suddenly genuine

I felt so at peace.

THEY told me I was lovely, and their words brought me happiness everywhere I went.



When the messages suddenly stopped, and their words were replaced with silence

I could once again hear you, cackling with mirth.

“They never gave a shit about you anyway”

But this time, I was stronger than you.

Your words meant nothing to me anymore

They may be gone, but I will never let you control my life like that again.





You once told me that I was invisible, so I ask this of You


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