The Runaway Mate

Hi, my name is Ruby. I am ranked as the lowest member of my pack. I get pushed around by most members of my pack. I'm thankful for my friends, my life is alright if you ask me. But that all changed when I met him..... Find out what happens later on in the book, by reading my story please!!!


1. The good and bad surprises

I woke up to the blaring sound of my alarm. I punched it and it broke "Well, looks like I have to buy a new alarm.... again." I stood out of bed only for two people to burst into my room and knock me back on my bed. Then they shouted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RUBY!!!!" I covered my ears then said, "Ok Ok, now get off me. PLEASE??" They get off me then I turn around and see my best friends Jacob and Lily. They are mates and they found out sometime last month but still haven't made it official. I get back up and head to my closet to pick out a outfit, right when I'm about to grab one Jacob hands me a box and says "You are wearing this birthday girl. Now go change!!" I head to the bathroom and open the box and put the outfit on. (outfit below) 

I walk out the bathroom and as soon as they see me they start throwing compliments at me. "Alright, now I have to go cook breakfast then we can leave." I grab my backpack and phone then run down the stairs. Right when I reach the kitchen I start taking out food and cooking it, when I'm done I put the food on the plates and shout, "EVERYBODY, BREAKFAST IS DONE!!!!!!!" They start running down the stairs and sit down at the table and start eating. I smell something wonderful other than the food but I ignore it and grab three donuts, I hand one to Jacob and Lily. I start to eat mine and run outside and they shout, "HEY, YOU CHEATED." and I keep running and laugh a bit then I go get my motorcycle from the garage and they get theirs and we rev our engines and then we're off. I get to school first and then it's Jacob and then finally, Lily. We get off the motorcycles and I put my jacket on but they take it off and say, "That will mess up the outfit so no. We have a jacket that matches it but we forgot it so go in there now." I raise my hands up I defeat and walk into the school. When I get in everybody starts whispering about 'the new girl' I turn to my friends and ask, "Who are they talking about?" then they point at me and Lily hands me a mirror and I look in it and see that all my hair turned red.

"Oh well, lets just go to class." When we get to class I sit down and when the teacher says my name on the role I say, "Here." and everybody looks at me surprised then I role my eyes a bit and get back to doing my work. After class ends people walk up to me and start asking questions about my new style then my eyes turn yellow and I back away a bit and someone pulls me away with a firm grip and I smell that smell again then they say, "Heh, so you're my mate Ruby Rose." I look up and see the pack leaders son (Clay) and I say, "Let me guess, you're going to reject me because I'm the omega and not cause of my looks." and he smirks and says, "Well then, you must clearly think that you know me so well." I shake my head and say, "No, but I'm just going off what your relatives used to do, so don't take it offensive. But now I have to head to class." he tightens the grip on my arm and I feel hurt some and my eyes turn brown and I cry a bit and say, "O-ow, you're hurting me." I punch him in the nose and pull my hand away then run off. I bump into my friends and I grab their hands and run off.

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