Samantha Morgan is 16 years old. The year is 2237. She lives underground on the fifth and final floor. It's all she knows, she's never seen the sun or the stars. She's never been in rain, or snow. She was only four when they had to move underground. She was apart of the first generation of children to move there. The indoor base they had before wasn't safe enough. From what she didn't know, she just knew it was bad. Her life is simple. She get's up, deals with children, cooks, cleans and the cycle repeats it's self. Not until one day. The day she meets...him. But you'll find out who that is later.

I'm bad at descriptions, I'm sorry but I promise this will be good!
Note: I update at very random. I could be gone from a month to maybe a year, but please enjoy. XD


1. Prologue

2322-New York


The winter was rough that night. The wind was so strong against her hair, and she could barely see anything. It was no problem though, she knew the way well. The sleeping bundle in her arms began to glow a light lavender. It’s magic like skills was protecting itself from the bitter cold. She began to move quickly knowing that the sooner she got there the better.


After what seemed like an eternity walk, she saw the dim light of the building. She braced herself from what she was about to see. As she grew closer to the building, she began to see it. She never thought she would come back, but she made a promise. And in her position, you never broke promises. She finally reached the big building and was able to make out the words at the top, “Mrs. Welshner’s Home For Girls.” She walked up the steps and knocked on the door three times. She then set down the child, knowing that it could fend for itself, and went back the way she came.


She hated to do it, and she almost went back when she heard the door open and heard the familiar voice of the old women. But she composed herself and carried on. It was painful, but what had to be done. Tears came to her eyes. This was the punishment. She was the one who had made the mistake. Now she paid the price and it was time to go back to what mattered most...headquarters.


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