New World

Melanie and Emma along with Patten and Holter returned to the real world leaving their dragons in Narnia, until Aslan would change the world forever - magically moving Narnia into the real world. The four Kings and Queens are faced with ruling a kingdom while also trying to live every day life.

(P.S if you haven't read the previous books read those first, it starts with New Kingdom then New Dawn. Most of the characters are ours, all the others we are just borrowing.)


1. Plans


The crowd went wild as I made a three pointer and ran back down the court. "Good job." Melanie said smiling and I laughed getting into my defensive position. The score was 30 to 10, still on the first quarter. I watched as the point guard brought down the ball, her eyes scanning the court for an opening. Of course there wasn't one, with Melanie and I there, but she still tried to drive the ball. Right as she passed the ball to the left Melanie stole it and ran down the court. I just stood there, knowing that it was no use running down and back again. From the three point line Melanie ran three steps then jumped. The crowd went even wilder. Melanie dunked the ball and Patten and Holter stood up on the bleachers and tore off there shirts to reveal the word 'GO' painted on there stomachs then they turned around and the words 'Beast Sisters' were painted on there backs. I laughed.

We got back from Narnia and I entered my senior year of school. I was planning on going to Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma along with Tomi and Holter. Hutch was going to college with Patten at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. One little thing about Patten changed though, he was blind again. It was kinda sad, but Aslan had warned us the first time about it. 

The clock counted down and then buzzed, ending the game. We won, 78 to 46. After saying 'good game' to the other team Patten and Holter ran down from the stands. I hugged him. "You did great!" 

"How do you know?" I asked jokingly. 

"Holter told me, as well as the crowd whenever you scored." I laughed and he hugged me tighter. I pushed him away before talking to my friends. The coach from the other team came up to Melanie and I. 

"You two were amazing, good game." He complimented 

"Thank you." Melanie and I said in unison.  

"I know you two were amazing last year and some how you got better." He walked away. I looked at Melanie and laughed. If only he knew why we were so good. We got changed in the locker room after a million compliments then left the gym. Melanie ran to the car and got in the drivers seat. I laughed slipping into the passengers seat and Holter and Patten sat in the back. Melanie is a terrible driver but we let her drive anyway.

"So are we still on to going camping this weekend?" Melanie asked looking at me.

"Well duh." I said. "Keep your eyes on the road!" I ordered laughing, she did as I said. We drove the brothers to their apparent they shared with Hutch. "Love you!" I yelled to Patten as Holter lead him inside. 

"Love you too!" He yelled back, and Melanie drove us home. Mom married again, to this man named Jeremy, so now we lived with him and his snooty daughter Stephanie. I liked Jeremy, he was good for my mom, and he had a nice back yard for Melanie and I to spar in. Stephanie was alright for a step sister, but she was more into guys, and makeup, and tanning, and everything girly. 

We parked in the driveway before bounding into the house. "Great game girls!" Jeremy exclaimed from the kitchen. 

"I agree, you two did amazing." Mom added. I smiled and walked into the kitchen followed by Melanie. "Oh, I got you two dresses." Mom said handing each of us a box. 

"Thanks, but what are they for?" I asked opening the box she handed me. Inside was a short red, 50's style dress. 

"Can't I just get my daughter's dresses without a special occasion?" She asked and I looked at Melanie laughing. She held her dress, it was a blue, long sleeve dress. 

"Yes, you can get me a dress anytime you want." Melanie said laughing. "We are still on for camping this weekend, right mom?" She asked setting the box on the counter before getting a glass of water. 

"Yes, how many times do I have to tell you, you and your friends can go camping anytime." She said. 

"Ew, camping." Stephanie announced waltzing into the room. She had dyed blond hair and a fake tan, with way too much makeup on. 

"Oh, come on Steph, you used to love camping!" Jeremy said leaning over the counter. "How about you go with the girls this weekend?" He added and Melanie and I looked at each other in horror. 

"I'd rather not Daddy." She said in a baby voice, trying to persuade her dad not to make her go.

"Your going, and that's final." The three of us girls sighed. 

"Well, it's still a school night, so you three get to bed." My mom said shoeing us off to our rooms. Melanie and I didn't share a room anymore since we moved in with Jeremy. After I got ready I jumped into my bed Melanie stood in the door way.

"Well this weekend just went from a 10 all the way to a 2." I said laughing. 

"Or maybe even a 1." I shrugged. 

"It won't be a 1, because Patten will be there." Melanie rolled her eyes. 

"Engaged couples are gross." She joked, fake gagging, and I squealed remembering when Patten proposed to me. It was at the zoo, he had put a sign in the lions cage, and it was the cutest thing ever.

Melanie went to her own room after about an hour of talking. In the morning I took a shower and got dressed. I wore the dress mom got me yesterday, and my black hair was put into a high pony tail. Yes, my skin and hair was the way it was in Narnia, sadly. When we came back my skin and hair went back to the way it was before Narnia, but over time it changed back. I blamed it on a rare disease that was incurable. At the beginning people took me to doctors to try to figure out what had happened, but no one could find out anything. 

I drove Melanie and I to school, as Stephanie took her own car. I parked next to Tomi and got my bags out of the back seat. Melanie ran to meet Holter inside. Hutch was standing guard behind Tomi, still unable to let go of the pirate facade. 

"Good game last night." He said cracking a sly smile, his two different colored eyes bright. 

"Thanks bro." I replied. Hutch was here for half the day to work as an aid with the special ed classes. We walked into the school together and lounged around in the hallways till the bell rang. I had personal finance my first hour, which kinda sucked because I basically knew everything being taught from ruling a kingdom. Holter was in my class too, so it wasn't totally boring. We normally made fun of the teacher most days, and or contradicted his teachings. Nothing against the teacher, he was a cool guy, funny too, but his classes were so boring. 

Melanie met up with us at lunch. Linking arms with Holter they walked to the line. Tomi and I laughed at them. They had gotten a lot closer since we left Narnia. Melanie's friend Alice even joined us. "So Alice, you still on for the camping trip?"


"Talking about that, plans kinda changed..." I said kneading my hands together. The group looked at me curiously all except for Melanie who knew what I was getting at. "Stephanie is coming." I said quickly, mumbling my words together.

"What!" Everyone protested. 

"There's nothing we can do about it." Melanie said leaning against Holter. We all sighed. 

"But anyway, we leave from our house at 5:30." I said playing around with the food on my plate. "Bring sleeping bags, blankets, food, weapons -if you have them- tents, water, and I think we should be good. Melanie and I will bring some extra things as well." I said running though the list in my head. Everyone nodded and started talking about what they would do when we got there. "Anyway, see you guys at 5:30!" I said standing before putting my tray away and walking to my next class. 

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