The Lion And The Llama

Phil is a common villager in Florin. He only moved there with his brother Martin a few months ago. He's different from the other people in town. He loves to read and doesn't fawn over the towns it guy, Ander Collins. Everything seemed normal until one morning his brother goes missing. I?n panic, he goes looking for him resulting in him finding an abandoned castle deep in the woods. When he investigates, he finds his brother, but he also finds the owner of the castle. An ugly horrifying beast that has his brother hostage. Phil asks if he could take his brother's place, and the beast agrees. Basically Beauty and The Beast but with Phan. Enjoy!


1. Prologue

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Dan Howell. Dan was only six years old, and lived in a big mansion with his mother and father in the middle of nowhere. He had a wonderful life. He had everything he could ever want. Loving parents, toys, all the woods he could explore, and all the household staff he could play with. Life was going great, but it all changed one night. 
The sky was so dark,and there were no stars. There was a bang at the front door that woke everyone in the house. Shouting came from the main room, so the boy went to investigate. When Dan ran down the spiral stairs, he was greeted with an ugly looking old woman. She smiled, and he could smell her foul breath. He didn’t know who she was, but his parents did. 
“What do you want Roberta? What have we done to you now?” the boy’s mother asked stepping in front of her son. 
“You of all people should know. You’ve done this to me, Ella! I want you to change me back.” she demanded.
“Roberta, only you can do that. Become beautiful, and then you will regain your beauty.” Ella told her in a calm voice. 
“Impossible, but there is a loophole.” Roberta said with a smirk. 
Fear crossed in Ella’s eyes and asked, “And what is that sister?” 
“Once a witch is killed, a witch’s spell is broken.” she said pulling a pouch from her cloak pocket. 
No one could say anything in time to stop her. With a flash of green light, Ella Howell fell to the floor. Dan screamed, his father remained still in shock, and the ugly old woman slowly turned into a beautiful lady. Her evil laughter rang like beautiful bells throughout the mansion, but it was soon overpowered by the wails of a small boy and a grown man. 
“What have you done?” the boy’s father screamed dropping to his knees, “You wicked witch!”
“I don’t think I’ve ever agreed with you more, Ben. In fact, I’m so wicked that I’m not done yet.” there was another flash of green light, but she missed. 
Ben Howell ran to his child’s side, and blocked him from the witch. 
“You know, Benjamin, you could have prevented this. You could have been mine.” she said anger slowly filling her voice, “It was us destined to be together.”
“You’re mad!” he shouted. She laughed.
“I may be mad, but I’m not stupid. This is your last chance.”
“I’d rather die.” He spat at her.
“As you wish.”
Another flash of green light, and Benjamin Howell lay dead at his wife’s side. Dan was in shock. Shaking wouldn’t wake his mum, and he knew it wouldn’t wake his daddy either. 
“And to think I’m still not satisfied,” the witch said and turned towards the small boy, “I think I know what will settle my revenge.”
“Am I going to die?” the boy whispered. He was truly terrified but he couldn’t move. 
“No my dear you’re going to get something much worse.” she said crouching to his height. “You are going to get what I got.” She patted the boy’s cheek, and stood up.
She mumbled some words in a language Dan couldn’t understand, and there was another big flash of green light. And she was gone. Nothing was wrong with the boy to his own knowledge. He was so tired and exhausted he slumped over and fell asleep. 


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