Our Time Is Running Out

Scarlet Clark has a past. A dark past that no one knows about, not even her. She's bipolar, and it can get ugly at any moment. She thinks of herself as ordinary. She keeps to herself, and doesn't talk to her classmates much. So when Ander Price comes to town and demands to be her friend, she's shocked and taken back.

A very bad description, but I promise it's good.


1. Character Profiles



Scarlett Clark:


Age: 17

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel/Green

Disorders: Bipolar, Depression


-Dad left at age 12 after finding out about bipolar

-Doesn't have any friends



-Hates school


Ander Price



Age: 18

Hair: Brown/Blond

Eyes: Blue

Disorders: OCD


-You're just gonna have to find out.

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