Sign of the Times

Will it be the time to release the truth? Or will it end? What are the signs they get and is it love?


1. Mistake

"No," Michael says bluntly and picks up the guitar. " why don't you if you think it's real? Meanwhile, I'm gonna go play my guitar to practice for the gig I'm playing..something that is real..why can't you live in reality? Your 24..not 5.....Oh, and why don't you take Freddy with you...he would enjoy would too...two toddlers get along well." Louis lets his bony, pale jaw drop.
"Michael you know I can't even see him with me being busy...and he's only 3.."
"Yeah because Brianna can't trust him with you."

Louis rolls his eyes,  his remark making him remember when his girlfriend  got pregnant with his son, him circa cheating on Harry, but dating her was for publicity right...just like his boyfriend with Kendall...right? Louis sighs and leaves Michael to practice. He walks into the kitchen, muttering to himself.
"Maybe Michael is right...I'm too childish to realize this isn't real." He sighs, again, and throws the map into the trash. Seconds later he was shocked by seeing it on the counter, he only turned around for a second, just enough time to get a drink from the fridge. He didn't know what to think, so the first thing he did, like any child would do, was blame, Michael.
"All right very funny Mike." He says looking for him.
"What?" His deep voice says, from the living room.
"You takin the map out of the trash, it's not funny, you trying to make be believe in that crap."
"I didn't touch no map, let alone go into the kitchen." Louis frowns. "Are any of the other lads home?" The younger shakes his head.
"Nope, they all went out to get stuff for the Christmas party that's in a few weeks."
He pauses "well not Zayn obviously..."
"So you didn't go into the kitchen?" Louis asks, basically ignoring what Michael just said.
"No, I didn't! Were you not listening? God.." Louis huffs and walks over to the counter, grabbing the map. But still how the hell did it move.
"Harry will believe me right....Yeah, he will...I know this is real, who cares what Michael thinks." He grabs the map and stuffs it into his pocket, running up to his room, whom he shares with Harry. 

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