Lost In The Shadows

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I’m Brooklyn Addison. I prefer to be referred to by my middle name which my dad gave me: Malia. Brooklyn screams your typical stuck up, bubbly and full of life teenager but that was the old me...


1. Lost and Alone.


Chapter One.


I’m Brooklyn Addison, however if any person ever dared to call me Brooklyn all hell would let lose. I prefer to be referred to by my middle name which my dad gave me: Malia. Brooklyn screams your typical stuck up, bubbly and full of life teenager but that was the old me. I used to be exactly that; popular, loved by everyone and confident. Now it’s different, my so-called mum just got up and left a couple of years ago, and it changed me. She had us when she was 18, so now she “Wants to live her life and be free.” Well, that’s what it said in the 'goodbye, I’m sorry' letter. After she left, things went in a downward spiral. I started having panic attacks, blocking out all my friends, I broke up with my boyfriend and my grades went from A’s to D’s. I went from the perfect image of a daughter and girlfriend then into this ‘’depressed’’ teenager. I even started working in a Coffee shop in Santa Monica, so I didn’t have to be at home.

Staring at my reflection in my mirror, I sighed. I couldn’t be bothered to straighten my mud-coloured frizzy hair, I wasn’t hoping to impress anyone. As I ran down the stairs, I heard my dad shout out, “Malia! We need to talk about the therapy.”  Walking out of the door, I shouted back “I’m not seeing a shrink dad, bye!”

I slept through my first lesson peacefully until I felt a light tap on my shoulder and a manly voice say “Um, Malia… The bells gone.” I lifted my head up from the desk slowly and just looked at him. He was tall and had broad shoulders, with a mop of dark and heavy brown hair, a firm and strong jaw and these beautiful hazel eyes that stared at me. But still, probably just like every other douche bag in this school. “Yeah, thanks.” I said, heading to the door.

“Hey, it’s Aiden.”  

“Aiden, well. I guess you know my name already. Have a nice life Aiden?” I smiled sarcastically and walked off to my next class. When I walked down the corridor, I put on my headphones so no one would talk to me. I walked past Maddison, Alexa and Lydia to see them laughing and just enjoying life without me. They didn’t even notice me anymore, I had pushed them away so hard to the point of them hating me. During my downwards spiral, I did everything I could to make them stop caring about me; all my best friends did was try and help me but I didn’t want to be helped. I kissed Maddison’s boyfriend and that obviously made her stop trying to look after me. I was an emotional mess, I basically called Lydia out and told her she was a “Stuck-up bitch’’ that depended on her parents. I didn’t have to do anything to Alexa. She just stopped trying but she messaged me every so often to see how I was. I suppose we were still friends, she always tried get me to make up with them but always failed.

“I’m going to be home late, I’ve got work. Don’t wait up.” I text my dad.

As I served coffee to a bunch of stupid socialites, I spotted a familiar face walk into the Que. I sighed as Aiden walked up to the counter I was working at. “How can I help you?” I said as I would to a normal customer. “Hmm, I’ll take a talk with you.” I laughed at his cringey smoothness.  “Yeah, no. I’m good and I’m kind of working right now. You’re going to have to buy something or leave.” I smiled. “Ohh, I love this attitude. Well then, when do you finish work?” he said, making me blush but I tried my best to hide it; he was still just another douche bag that went to my school. “I’m closing tonight. Now what can I get you?”

Aiden smirked. “Well, I guess I’ll just have the largest Latte you can make and wait.”                                         

Hours went by as he drank through about four Lattes, in a little booth by himself writing something that I was so curious about.

It was starting to get quiet and boring, so I went and sat at his booth. “You’ve waited this long, the least I can do is talk with you for a minute.” I said as he looked up from what he was writing and smiled.

“Okay, so… you came all the way to Santa Monica for a Coffee when there are a thousand coffee shops near our school?” I asked. 

“Oh, that’s easy. There aren’t any beautiful staff in coffee shops near school.” I laughed and he continued. “Tell me something about yourself Malia.” Aiden asked. I sat and thought for a second,

“Hmm, I draw?”

“An artsy girl, interesting. What’d you like to draw?” “Well, people I suppose. It’s weird, for a girl that hates interaction with humans and people full stop, I love drawing people’s faces.”

“Hates interaction with people, eh? How am I doing so far?”  

“Hmm, you’re not too bad.”

We talked and laughed for a couple of hours after that and then he dropped me home in his car.

He parked up on my drive way and started to talk, “So, a few of my friends are having a party this Saturday. Come with me?” 

“I don’t do parties.” 

“Malia Addison doesn’t do parties? I heard you used to be the Queen of partying!” 

 “Well, I’m not that person anymore. I’m going to pass. Thanks for dropping me home, see you around Aiden.” I walked off towards my door, not turning back.


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