Fake Love

A teen age girl named Bella was working in the store while a handsome teen boy comes in. Will Bella win his heart or somebody else maybe he's a player found out about Bella and her loved one


1. Love at First Sight


     I plop the phone on the counter after my call with the Murphy's. I've been waiting for hours now for someone to open the door and ask for some food.  I looked at my watch  "I guess no one came today well I better close up the shop" I walked to the door getting ready to close up the store until a teen guy rushed into the store "whoa" I said "i'm so sorry i didn't mean to-- anyways i'm here to buy some grocery's" he said "oh well knock yourself out I can wait until you're done" I gave him a side smile "thank you" he said I went back to the counter and my phone ranged I jumped "I wonder who that can be" I said I took my phone in my hands and answered it. The guy walked up to the counter with food in his hands so I put my phone on speaker and then started to scan the food "so i was thinking maybe you would like to come to my baby shower" said my Aunt on the phone "OF COURSE ANYTHING FOR YOU!" I said the guy looked at me with one eyebrow raised i raised both of my eyebrows up and down "thank you so much Bella It's tomorrow ok" said my aunt "alright i can just go tell my mom later" "THANK YOU" she said again and we bot hung up.  The guy just stand there quietly until "so your name is Bella" he said "yup and you're name is?" "it's Jake" "wow ,Jake, maybe we can hang out sometime" i said and winked at him Jake smiled "maybe one day" he said and winked back  "take care" I said   "will do" he said back and left the store I sighed if this is true love then this is what I want.

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