Love is supposed to be about equality, learning to be with each other, to work together.

It's not just tolerating a person. Love is supposed to bring the best out of you, not break you.

Loving him though, it wasn't a fairytale. It wasn't sweet or cute. It was rough and raw and ever intense and confusing. Loving him is not about freedom, it doesn't even come close to that. Because loving him, had me bound up in chains.

(C) Lycia_Noire


1. Prologue


 Rose stifled a groan at her father’s stubbornness. Her brothers too were a pain in her backside and she held herself back from smacking the back of their heads.

 What more could they do? She had tried leaving, to work in another state, they had refused. She tried to get a job in their town, nobody would hire her. Helena had been pressing them for the past few weeks of the debt, saying their time was up and they had no savings left to pay for it, even just a little.

“Papa,” she placed a hand on the table. “We need this,”          

 He sighed.                                            

“Papa, listen to me,” Rose bent down and held her father’s wrinkled hand. “There is nothing that can harm me. I’m only an hour away,”

 She tried to reason, giving him her comforting smile. Her brothers’ on the other hand kept nagging her father in the background, reminding him of the stories he used to tell them of the Lockwood’s. Not just any stories though, but the rumors said to have come true sometime before her birth.

“Don’t fall for it,” they said, giving her an irritated and ‘we will talk later’ look. It was annoying for her, but if her father, who was  a big softy could agree on this, it would mean all their prayers are going to be answered. It would also mean freedom from her infuriating siblings’ rants on her safety even if she was only a few feet away.

“I don’t know Rose, I mean your brothers have a fairly good point about this,” her brother’s hollered a ‘thank you’ and she cast them a glare, “but still, you are a woman now-“

“Papa!” Lucas, who was the nearest exclaimed, slamming his hands down the table. “She may be of age now but the world is full of wolves and she is a sheep, an innocent sheep!”

 Rose groaned, “When will you stop comparing me to animals!”

“When you are older,” Leo retorted.

“Oh and if I compare you to an animal you won’t be insulted?”

“You can compare me to a lion or an animal in bed anytime sis,”

 Horrified, she feigned a gasp. “Why would you say that? I personally think you’re a wee little cat, too soft,”

 He growled and the rest of her brothers chuckled in agreement. And she took her advantage and returned her attention to her father, giving him a look only her mother and her had mastered-a look enough to send anyone cowering on the spot in the confidence it held.

“Still papa, you cannot believe I am that naïve do you?”

 For a moment, the house was silent. Her father’s answer was clear in his eyes. He still saw her as a  little girl, a girl who lost her mother too early.

“I can’t believe this! I’m eighteen, about to turn nineteen and yet you still think I’m that innocent-that…that gullible!”


“I’m not a child, you’ve said it yourself. I’m not eight,”

“I know that-“

“What’s stopping you from sending me there?”

 He exhaled, unable to answer knowing only he alone should have knowledge about the manor.

“I-I just can’t lose you like your mother too. You must understand,” he sighed once more in defeat and in his ability to lie so easily to his only daughter. Rosa on the other hand could no more be happier than a little child given a huge gift on Christmas at seeing her father’s shoulders hunch, defeated. “But, if you’ll go, I think your brothers and I can visit you once in a while,”

 She smiled, a huge one that sent her brothers into a chorus of disapproval in their father’s decision. “Papa!”

“Then it is settled,” she gave her brothers a small scowl all the while soothingly rubbing her father’s palms. “I’m leaving tomorrow.”



 Morning came no sooner than did she set her head on the pillow. By the time the sun was already up and shining in the sky, she was standing outside their little house with two of her bags and a cab waiting outside the broken metal gate.

 Her brothers were with her, each with a frown on their faces at the driver who disgracefully stared at their little sister. Once he noticed, he looked away, shook up from the intense stares he received from the over protective brothers.

 Luke, Leo and Launcelot were still against her choice in leaving, as well as their father’s approval but knowing Rosa, she’d have gone anyway with a letter left on her bed for them to discover. It was only a matter of when she’d leave the house, and did they thank their lucky stars while cursing at every deity that existed for sending her away from where she could be safe but at the same time, sending her a distance near enough for them to travel with ease.

“Now Rosabell, we don’t want to know you’ve gone off with some guy and disappeared okay,” Laurence jokingly told her sister while carefully placing her luggage at the back of the cab. “I especially don’t want to hear you’ve ran away with a man who’s half as manly as me. That’s just an insult,”

 She chuckled and rolled her eyes. “Even at goodbyes you suck. Still, it’s okay big brother, I’d visit when I can,”

 She gave each of them a hug, but when she got to Lire, he teared up a bit before hugging her, squeezing her tight before letting go.

“I’ll miss you,” Lire, who was younger than her by five years sniffled and wiped away his tears.

“Take care and don’t cause any problems to big brothers and papa, I’ll be back soon, maybe it might be before you realize I’m gone, alright?”

 He nodded then returned to his father’s side, who now approached her and hugged, shaking in her arms before crumbling into a weeping mess.

“It’s okay Papa, I’ll return. I’ll be back before you know it,”

 Dutifully, they escorted her and glared at the cab before closing the door. With a glance, she saw them, Leo being the eldest was beside his father and Lire stood next to the twins Launcelot and Laurence. Lance stood behind them and placed a hand against Lire’s shoulders as he waved goodbye to the moving cab with Rosa in it.

 A thought ran through their heads, and all thought that Rosabell, once she returns would never be the same, may it be for the better or not. Their lives were forever going to change, and it was going to happen soon.

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