Be My Escape

This is for the Heartbreak competition, uhm, this is my first actual book and competition. >.< HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT!!! 0.0
This is a story about a girl, that is heartbroken in many ways. She can relate to a lot of people. She doesn't have the best life or even a happy life...She gets bullied among other things. THIS WON'T be your cliche kind of book where it's Prep meets shy girl, or prep and emo girl, prep and something girl. Or anything. It's a deep story for me and I hope you can see the emotion and see that the character is just like you and me in a way.

(sorry for the bad description >.<)


1. ~Chapter 1~ Rude Awakening

"Skylar, get up!!" 

I heard my mother yell from the bottom of the stairs. 

"I'm up, I'm up!!" 

I yelled back just as loud and rude, she yells at me constantly so there's no surprise there. 







Dear Journal,    

Now, don't get me wrong, I am the 'rebel' in the family, the proud 'Devil Child' , but quite honestly, maybe I wouldn't be this way if people would treat me right. Yelling and screaming and hurling insults at me, 24/7; is NOT the way to go. I mean, I know that I probably sound selfish, and that I should be happy that I even have a "family" that feeds me and puts clothes on my back. Also that they "love" me, and "care" about me, and that they "pay attention " to me. But it's not like that at all. I know that no one is perfect but honestly, a family as dysfunctional as mine can't even be called a "family". Alright, time to go to school.

See ya,

Skylar Anderson


3rd POV


    Skylar got off the bus at the high school, it was her first day of high school. She was a sophomore (10th grade) this year. She was so happy that she wasn't a dumb "Freshy" this year; freshmen always got crap for just being freshmen. Nobody liked freshmen, they didn't know where to go and they would stand in the middle of the hallways to talk to their friends. Instead of going to class, which was annoying, even though Skylar wasn't an A+ student, she still got good grades. Skylar was just annoyed that she couldn't get through in the hallways, and she was 5' 4" which is short. So no one would would notice that she was trying to push through everyone, on top of that; everyone thought she was a freshmen. Even the freshmen thought that she was part of the freshmen class. Some people asked if she skipped some grades and if she was lying about her age. 

   When the bell rang for her to go to homeroom, she made a stop at the library to get a lunch pass. So that she could go to the library and just play around on the computers and her phone. The librarians don't really care, unless you're trying to do something illegal or stupid.

"Hi, may I please have a pass for 5th period lunch?" 

"Here you go," The younger librarian said as she handed Skylar her pass to fill out.



Name___Skylar Anderson_______

Grade: _10_


Period: _5_lunch__

Reason: ___Reasearch____



   (At the computer during lunch)









Dear Journal,

I don't feel like eating today, because they are in my lunch. Yes, you guessed right. they're bullies. I know, I know, I should just ignore them, but when is that ever easy? Especially, when there's everything with my parents, and just screwed up family. Sometimes, I just feel like I don't belong here. I should probably name you that way it'd make this seem more humane and interesting I guess. I'll name you, Taylor. You're a girl of course, because I can't imagine myself writing to a boy. I feel like if I'd ever talk to a about this, it'd be just....awkward, or it'd scare him away. Anyway, Taylor, my family is screwed up and I honestly don't feel safe in and outside of school. You know those surveys that the school has us do every semester or whatever? And they ask you if you feel safe at school and to rate it? Well, honestly, whose going to say that they don't feel safe at school?? It'd probably get the guidance councilor involved and I personally would hate that with a passion. My guidance councilor is a younger woman, named, Miss. Jacobs. Even though she's younger, Taylor, she's CLUELESS!!! She doesn't understand the teenage dynamics or thinking. Which I don't understand how she doesn't understand us, if she's basically a teenager herself. She looks like she just graduated high school! I hate it! Which is why I never go to her for anything. 

My mother doesn't understand me, Taylor. She doesn't get my style. Yes, she thinks it's a phase, like, all of the other stereotypical parents. Is it really just a phase? Sometimes I fear that maybe I am faking it or that I am not actually depressed. Or that I am not actually anything. What if I am faking it?? What if I'm not depressed?? Uh oh, Taylor, I gotta go! 

See ya later,

Skylar Anderson 2016






The picture is supposed to be her and also, I got it from the INTERNET!! So sorry if upcoming pictures DON'T look like the first one here.


I know that you're not allowed to coauthor on this, but I THINK you're allowed to comment and give feedback. I mean why wouldn't you be allowed? 


PLEASE GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK!!! THIS IS MY FIRST REAL BOOK AND IT'S FOR A CONTEST. So I'm pretty nervous. PLEASE TELL ME if I'm confusing and random. Because I know I switched point of views and timelapsed a lot, but it'll get better I PROMISE!!!


THANK YOU!!!! <3 

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