Frightened By Who

This is about little Maddi and how her life has changed by just one person. Who, that's who. Watch this young lady grow emotionally and just physically. She never knew what to expect next.

P.S. Will add cover if when and if i make it


1. Chapter 1: That First Night

It was a warmish night in this town i called home. I was walking the streets of the town which i knew weren't very dangerous since this town is quite old and not really visited. Ive called it home for many years now since my guardian died, i never had normal parents i moved around a lot to different houses because of how i was back then. Normally no one is outs on the streets but today there was. He was a quite handsome if i may say but i had never seen him around here before but he would blend into everyone during the day. I learnt from my carer that you should never approach a stranger so i just turned around and went back the way i came. He must of noticed me he started yelling out.

Random: Hey wait a second i need to ask a question

He had an unfamiliar accent i hadn't heard before but it could be because everyone here speaks the same but hes different.

Me: Yes sir

Random: You wouldn't happen to know where the hotel around here is

Me: There isn't one never has been I'm sorry. I have to go.

Random: No you don't you do this most nights you normal go over there.

He points to the graveyard. He started to scare me he knew where i go and that I'm normally out at this time.

Random: Don't be scared i know what most people do

Me: Wanna walk and talk to the graveyard then get to know each other more.

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