The Devil // C.D


1. ch. 1

Lena Ellise// 2003

Staring at the doll, Sitting perfectly in my petite hands; I smile, admiring her long blonde hair and sweet eyes. The way her baby pink lipgloss and natural eyeshadow compliment her slim figure.

A click is heard from my door, and my mom walks in. "Hi honey" she says, giving me a sweet smile. I watch her take a small, clear elastic band off of her wrist, taking her points finger and motioning for me to go closer. I slowly slide down my purple comforter, and skip over to my mother. I stand in front of her, feeling gentle hands in my long locks.

We walk down the squeaky wooden stairs, hand in hand; Watching my father smile widely at his two girls.

We all find each spot, and give our blessing. "Amen" we all whisper together. I un-hooking my fingers from my dads, and start eating this wonderful meal


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