Kingdome Hearts

My name is Sora and I got a key blade from ventus and I have two friends called Kairi and Riku.


1. The Kingdom Of Hearts

Every night when I fall asleep I see a door an there is a heart on it. When I walk through the door I see a war. The war of the key blades as people use to say it was called until today of course because people say it was a myth and that there isn't any thing called a key blade. But why do I keep having these dreams is it from ventus I remember him but I think it was just a dream. my two friends have these dreams as well. "sora are you coming to the island". "slow down I am coming". "Riku, Kari did you have those dreams again. "We always have those dreams where we meat terra and aqua". "I know  but  what did they give us". "they gave us those keys remember". "I know but are you sure they were keys and not key blades". "sora all I know about them is that they disappeared after they gave them to us and stop worrying about it and help me row the boat". "sorry Riku". "maybe your right I should stop worrying about that".          

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