Swan and the secret of flying

english version of der schwan und das geheimnis des fliegens
english is not my native language but i try my best
like every tale of me this one plays in my fantasy town Shangri La, where everything is possible....


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The swan and the secret of flying

Minou always wanted to learn how to fly. With three years she let herself whirling, with four-she lay face down on the swing and spread out her arms, with five years she jumped as high as she could on her trampoline and six she jumped from the roof. (Fortunately this fall remained without major consequences.) But she could never take off.

Now she was seven years old and took her daily flight training very seriously (with arms flapping running around). The neighbors no longer thought that Minou was whimsical, they thought she was as crazy as can be.

The fluttering was completed. Disappointed that she did not get rid of with her flying today, she walked. She kicked stones in front with her feet.

"Ow!" She heard someone out of the bushes near her.

"I'm sorry." She replied, looking behind the bush. But there was just a swan.

"Do you suffering?" Quacked the swan excited the mystified Minou.

"You can talk?" Asked Minou and thought she was going to be crazy-ok crazier than usual.

"But you also realize everything," snapped the swan.

"Hey great! Nice to meet, respectable Swan. My name is Minou. "She said bowing gallantly. The Swan smiled and Minou continued: "Can you introduce me to the secrets of flying? I'd love to fly. Yes? Please, please, please!"

"I can’t fly." The Swan admitted sadly. "But together we can try to reveal the secret of flying." So Minou taught the swan all her experiences about flying. Lo and behold the wing training was effective and the swan took off. He fluttered round and flew to Minou. He said: "Keep to be a dreamer and grab on to the stars." And then Minou flew.


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