The Last

english version of das ist das allerletzte
english is not my native language but i try my best
like every tale of me this one plays in my fantasy town Shangri La, where everything is possible....


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The Last

Lydia was always the last. In everything she did. In school competitions, the swimming badge, in all school subjects and she entered always the last to the room. However, it is not that bothered her that. No! Never. She loved it. Lydia was also in demand as a last, if she wants to marry. Namely, the last bachelor in town.

On her wedding day she entered again as last the hall. The veil wearers shooed precept faithful before them. When she was asked the question of questions (as last), she said: "No." Your future wheezed (and not just because he had a proboscis). He grabbed shocked: "how can you do this to me? That is probably the very limit. You are the last…. " She smiled and said:" Thank you sweetheart. I love you, too- and now that that's settled: Yes, until the last day "

END -. End signed Lydia (I always have the last word)

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