The magical Helmet

english version of der helm
english is not my native language but i try my best
like every tale of me this one plays in my fantasy town Shangri La, where everything is possible....


1. 1

The helmet

Hello ! My name is Lunette. I am now an old woman of 75 years and I want to tell you what happened 68 years ago:

My then 11 year old sister Soleil and I just left the house.

"Soleil, make haste! We are late! You know that Eddie does not like waiting. And think of the rhyme for Cubism-man! "

Soleil ran with her helmet on her head, which brought a nonexistent music in our heads, right behind me. Totally out of breath she turned to our mom and mom cried ". You need but no helmets"

Mother waved us through the black streets, the gray houses, under the anthracite-colored sky with the dark sun after.

For us it was a short walk through the green alleys, the colorful houses, under the blue sky with the laughing, yellow sun.

Once we reached the municipal museum, I opened Soleil the door and we rushed hastily into the exhibition. Accurately we turned to the right in the paintings room. The people on the screens were busy at once. The honorable portrait of Edgar Allen Poe smiled at us happy. In addition, a copy of the Mona Lisa began mightily to grin (more than usual). A modern picture in Picasso style looked with his eyes (which that upwards looking, with that around the corner and with that on a weird place) on my sister expectantly: "Have you got a rhyme for me is so colorful as my perspective-rich Face?"

Well-behaved she said to him: "Colorful for you and me

Black for the other

No helmet- no colors do they see

That is something to bother "

Suddenly a cry rang through the friendly room: "Ahhhhh"

I called at Soleil : "Quick, let's cover the Munch with a cloth - otherwise it attracts even the sleeping dachshund from Hockney!"

The museum guide came rushing into the room decorated in shades of gray. Bustling he looked even more on the black and white Chagall and wondered why the "Scream" was overcast. But he did not notice that we snuck out.

We walked past the Rose Fountain, friendly greeted by the standing alabaster statues.

My head itched, so I lifted the helmet, looked at the granite fountain, scratched me, put the helmet back on and admired again the magnificent marble fountain with its lovely rippling water.

We passed through the city. On toy store as always, all the dolls and stuffed animals waved to us.. On the photo shop twinkled us the bride photos friendly and we heard how two fat old dogs obtained little frauds. And there we were: in the forest.

Already at the first cattle we saw the swirling light points, that were the Fairies. We watched them on shortly. The little creatures flew between their root States back and forth. Each tree has its own world.

But we had another goal, we wanted to visit our unicorn. It glittered in a rainbow of colors through the trees. And when we entered the meadow something terrible happened:

A tree fell on us. My sister never woke up again. And our precious helmets were destroyed and everything was gray and black. I sank into the adult world, and felt no more miracles.

But then, exactly two weeks ago drew a new neighbor who was my age, into the house next door. She introduced herself as Stella. When she was excited at my door, I thought at first that she wanted a neighborly talk. But no, much better!

She told me that as a child she was very because she was lonely and suddenly appeared a girlfriend who could only be seen by her. This invisible companion would have to do two tasks. The first would be to make her sister Lunette clear that the helmet was unnecessary. This imaginary friend was Soleil, which was all the years there, and remained hidden for me without a helmet. About the second task, she knew nothing.

I said to my new neighbor: "Stella, without a helmet, I can not perceive her."

Sorrowful I went on: "Unfortunately, my helmet showed me what was hidden, but that is the past."

Since Stella did something which I had not expected. She pinched my wrinkled hand.

"Ow! What was that? "

-"Does not matter. it Is hidden. Not to see and not physically occupy "

I did not understand and snapped: "But I still can feel it l!"

"Lunette," she replied, "You can feel the wonder of the past, like this feeling. You can not see it, but it's there. Your helmet was just paper. Your big sister has only tinkered him because she wanted to awaken your imagination. "

And then I saw my sister. She was also an old woman. She smiled briefly before disappearing in the light.

I discovered what was hidden from me and Stella realized that she no longer needed just an imaginary friend.

Soleil had fulfilled both tasks.


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