The Head House

english version of kopfhaus
english is not my native language but i try my best
like every tale of me this one plays in my fantasy town Shangri La, where everything is possible....


1. 1

The head house

Sissi was great. Sissi was important. Important for Nelly. Sissi was an invisible friend, Nelly's invisible friend.

"Hey Sissi, out of my head! I want to see you! "Cried Nelly. And then it popped and Sissi was visible. Of course not for everyone. For 30 years Sissi lived in Nelly's head. And as long as no one knows about Sissi, everything was ok. Because secret friends must remain secret, as they move on otherwise. Nelly made this thought terrified and their imaginary mentioned this idea in Nelly's head: "The big black monster".

Of course, everyone knows, in principle everyone, but since all found Nelly nice, they did so as if they were nothing, absolutely nothing, to be noticed. Nelly's Mom had the hope that her daughter someday enters the real world, the world of the other, the normal. But she wanted that Nelly would be prepared for that.

Over the years, Nelly was older and very ill. She could not bear the thought that Sissi dies with her. So she let "the big black monster" out and said, "Mom, I want to tell you about Sissi."

A few moments later she closed his eyes forever. Her soul was free. Free to migrate further. "What do I do with my new life?"

She floated directly into a new-born baby. And because there was someone already, Nelly would this time be a secret friend. The Someone was none other than Sissi, who knew how to use the freedom of her soul, too, and first floated in the baby. And "the big black monster" suddenly seemed cuddly and sweet. Sometimes one end is just a new beginning.


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