The friend

english version of Der Freund
english is not my native language but i try my best
like every tale of me this one plays in my fantasy town Shangri La, where everything is possible....


1. 1

The friend

"Hey, let me out! Hey! Heyyy! You can not lock me forever in your shoe - And take your foot out of me "!

Loan Lee removed her sock. The sock was white and had a big mouth and blue eyes with long lashes. It wailed and squirmed. Loan Lee laughed: "Sh .." she said affectionately. "You always want to come with me, every time" Tender smiling she spoke again: "And because you are a sock puppet you could not complain, for being in my shoe, Italia."

Italia snorted: "So you should not treat your only friend." Loan Lee pulled her hand out of her sock and adjusted her voice. And noticed that Italia was not even a friend - only a sock, which she had painted a face. But she realized that she still had a friend ... - ... her imagination.


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