Finding out that she was adopted, Cilo, searches for her birth mother. But when she find out that her half brother is Calum Hood of 5 Second of Summer. She needs help that’s when she meets Tess a huge fan of the band to help find him and when she does life is never the same for either of the girls or the band.


3. Chapter 3 - Clio - Do you know me?

 I stood at the door with Tess by my side. For these few weeks she has helped a lot and she has been a real friend. While we stood at the door it as if time had slowed down and we were all moving in slow motion. I could feel my pulse rise and my heart was beating faster. I was shocked that some how we even got up to their room without being caught or escorted out. I took a deep breath and smiled at Tess as the door opened. 

 I looked up at the shallow face that was staring back at us in confusion and shock. I opened my mouth to speak but tess, who clearly has no shame or anything, spoke up on my behalf. 

 "Hi, I'm Tess and this is Clio. We are very big fans but that's not what we are here for, mostly." She quickly explained before security came. 

 "Hi, Can I help you?" The guy asked 

 "Yes, actually. Is Calum here with you? We have a few questions." She smiled 

 "That depends." He said 

 "Well, I mean you don't have to let us in or anything we just wanted to ask him a question or two about family. but make a choice quick because w have approximately two minutes until security gets here for us." She shot out. The guy looked around then back at us. 

 "How did you even get here?" He asked. 

 "There is no security on the roof and the rest, I'll leave to your imagination." She smiled. He looked scared then rolled his eyes. 

 "Whatever. Come in but I swear if you try anything security will be here quick." He said 

 "Not likely. Getting to this floor would give us time to get back to the roof at the least." She said walked in. I stood silent looking at her. She turned around and waved me in. 

 "Come on, they won't hurt you." She laughed. I slowly walked in and followed Tess. 

 "Nice place." She turned to me and pointed at the guy. 

 "That's Ashton." She said and continued pointing to countless guys. 

 "That's Luke" "That's Michael" "And that one, That's Him." 

 My eyes grew wide and I could stop looking at him. He looked at me in confusion.  

 "Hi, I'm guessing you are a fan." He said 

 "Something like that." I whispered.

 "What do you mean?" HE asked 

 "Is your mom Joy Hood?" I quickly asked. He nodded his head and sat down. 

 "Don't you already know that?" He asked. I shook my head. 

 "She doesn't know you guys." Tess announced. 

 "Oh, We are five seconds of summer." He said 

 "Is your mom, close." I asked 

 "Yeah, we are pretty close." He said 

 "No, like is she near here?" Tess asked 

 "No." He said

 "Oh Okay, Can we go now?" I asked and looked down. 

 "If you want." Tess said. I nodded and walked to the door. 

 "Wait, why are you do interested in my mom?" Calum asked 

 "No reason." Tess said and walked into the hall. 

 "You aren't going anywhere now. I want to know." He said and followed us all the way out to the lobby. 

 "Look, we just asked okay. We are done." Tess said and continued outside. He once again followed us as the fans screamed and tried to get to him. We arguing and griped the whole time. 

 "I just wanted to know okay. I get curious." I said 

 "There is no way that you got curious as bad to just leave. You would have continued." He said 

 "Because I'm trying to find her. She did something to me that she should regret and I won't let her forget it." I snapped

 "So this is just about revenge?" Tess asked 

 "Yes I want her to know the intensity of the mistake that she made. My dad is a horrible guy and I know for a fact that he is my real dad. She made a big mistake and she should regret it and She will." I said and stomped off. My feet hit the ground hard. I was walking fast but clearly not fast enough because I was slung around and back into the argument.  

 "You're dad? What does he have to do anything with this?" Calum asked 

 "He's my dad and my mom left me with him." I rolled my eyes. 

 "Wait, your mom left you. Joy, You think she's your mom?" He smiled 

 "I know she is." I said 

 "No way. She had me and I was her first kid. She had my sister and never had another." He said 

 "There's a reason that I'm older than you dipshit." I said 

 "Come back to the hotel. We can get things set out. I'll call my mom." He said. 

 I looked over at Tess for her approval. She looked skeptical but nodded despite her feelings and we slowly followed him back making small talk every once in a while. 


 I groaned as I sat on the couch and waited for Calum to call his mom. We had been here for thirty minutes and he still hasn't called her. I got mad and stood up. 

 "Alright, I'm not dealing with this bullshit. I'm leaving, I knew you were a liar." I said and I was pulled back down.

 "Alright fine." He said and sat next to me and pulled out his phone and put it on speaker. 

 J- Hello

 C- Hey mom, how are you? 

 J- I'm good. How are you? 

 C- I'm good. I have a question for you though

 J- What is it? 

 C- before me and Mali. Did you have any other kids? 

 J- Cal, Why don't you wait until I get there to have this coversation. I don't want to do this over the phone. 

 C- So you did. 

 J- Not on the phone Calum 

 C- Well, It's kind of an emergency. 

 J- And why is that? 

 C- There is a girl here

 J- Okay and  

 C- She says her name is Clio Mercedes   

 J- Oh. 

 C- Yeah, she wanted me to call you. 

 J- Hello Clio. 

 M- Hi

 J- Yes Calum, I did and I guess she found you just in time. 

  I smiled and looked over at Tess. She was smiling as big as me and looking at Calum. I turned and smiled at him. This is great.

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