Finding out that she was adopted, Cilo, searches for her birth mother. But when she find out that her half brother is Calum Hood of 5 Second of Summer. She needs help that’s when she meets Tess a huge fan of the band to help find him and when she does life is never the same for either of the girls or the band.


2. Chapter 2 - Tess - Finding

Can't believe he is right behind that door. The door right in front of me.
Reaching out a squeeze Cilo’s hand. This was, after all, it's her brother.
I remember the day we meet little over three weeks ago. I was at a coffee shop, face timing with a twitter friend when she came in.
“I can't believe you get to meet 5SOS, Calum Hood!” I said.
“Same here!” Said, the voice from my phone. She was going to a show that night.
“I can’t believe you know where they’re staying!”
“I have my skills.”
“Is everything set up?”
“More than hundred people will be holding up signs at their hotel.”  
“I can't wait to see the photos.” I said. “Wish I could be there!”
“You're going to a show right?”
“Yes, but in three weeks!”
“How many shows are you setting up the signs for?”
“Depending on if I can find where they’re staying.”
“Well, let me know if you need help.”
“I will, take lots of photos!” We said our goodbyes.
I notice a girl around my age watching me.
“Can I help you?” I asked.
“Hum, maybe. I’m looking for someone. I overheard you. Do you think you could help me?”
“Who are you looking for?” I ask.
“My birth mother?” she said.
“A-oh. Um, I can try.” I said, “Do you know her name?”
“Yes.” She holds out her phone, showing me a photo of a paper. I was adoption paper. I from the face that it a photo and not the papers I take it she's not to know. But that's not going to stop me from looking. An hour into in and I haven't found anything.
“Listen, I don't live far from here. If you want I’ll still look. But the shops going to be closing soon.”
“Sure.” we exchanged numbers.
I was up all night work when I finally found her mother. By six in the morning, I could hardly breathe as I found her mother. Joy Hood. Thee Joy Hood. As in Calum Hood. As in bass guitar player for 5 Seconds of Summer. I sent her a text telling her to come here. It took me all night of texting between us. Her birthday, birthplace, and stuff like that all entered into a site. And the soon, taking out the ones who could be and then the sign that gave it away was a name of Joy Hood who said they had more kids then that was listed.
The only way to be sure was to ask her. I gotten her address and number along with the proof. I sat waiting. A knock came on my door.
Opening it I said, “What took you so long?” I pulled her in and shut the door. Turing, I smile at her.
“I think I found your mom.”
“That didn't take long!” She said.
“Why are you so happy?” She asked.
“Because if I am right, and I'm like ninety-nine percent. Your mother is Joy Hood.”
She looked at me with a ‘should I know that name’ look.
“Calum Hood’s mother. As in that would make you his sister. His sister!” She said again.
“OK, wait before you go all fangirl or have a meltdown on me. Show me.”
I went over everything with her. “Okay, I believe you but how do I…”
I held out the address and number for her. “Oh, thanks.”
“No problem. Is there anything more I can do to help?”  
On cue, her tummy growled.
“Breakfast?” She asked.
“Sure!” I said.
She squeezed my hand back pulling me out of my thoughts and back to the moment. Letting go of my hand she knocks.

(Written by KayCee K.)

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