Rambles, Shambles, and Dance Halls

The sequel to "Lonely Souls" and distantly related to "Hands, Bands, and Other Trends."


2. 11: 21 PM

They tell me I have a month to live and I'm polishing my halo

Then they halt my hands and there's a way to save me, though?

All I have to do is say no to some things, say yes to some things

If you know what I mean

If I sell my soul, my life goes on

The party continues, no stop to the fun

Everyone says it's the deal of a lifetime

But my heart says decline

Everyone says I'm a fool, I'm deranged

But I won't sell my soul for mere pocket change

If my time is up, that's all I've got

Why should I try and buy another clock?

The devil's paid his dues and he's cashing in

Why in the world would I let him win?

Everyone says I'm going to meet my maker

I ask them if I look like a faker

Death doesn't scare me, I know what's on the line

But they're not dying, the fate is mine

So a month into death and we all know

That it'll take a miracle for life to hold

Two weeks more and no one says a thing

Maybe a month isn't what the doctor means

A year goes by and my halo's no brighter

Everyone says I'm apparently a fighter

Decades on and my life holds true

All because I did what fools do.

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