The Boy

The only new student in the past 10 years is exciting to her. He, on the other hand, seems too upset at the world to interact with her kind attempts to get to know him.

A tale of two people, both experiencing separate lives and problems, who support each other through the ups and downs of the Senior year of high school. All things must come to an end? Maybe.


1. the dream

I can see him. Sometimes, in the worst of times i can feel him. I can feel his arms around me, his heart beating by my cheek, his gentle breathing.

I think of what we'll do. I see us walking. Along the city streets, giggling. I see us braiding daisies and laying in the grass. I'll make him a daisy chain as he kisses my hair.

We'll run around and kiss all day. Nobody to stop us, our warm sweaters isolating us from the outside world. I dream of a love so strong, and so powerful that when we're together the world fades into blackness. I dream of slight touches to the cheek and adventure together.

I dream of trying to get somewhere, but having it take an inordinate amount of time to get to said place because he stops every five minutes to turn around, cup my face in his hands and kiss me. I'll smile into the kiss, and my hair will be down flowing in the wind.

Big orange scarves and high boots mark the season of our love. Beanie hats and knitted sweaters to keep us both warm. Holding hands to reinforce our love and the occasional brushing of a thumb against the back of my hand for unconventional support and dedication. His eyes on me, even when I'm not looking.

Protecting me, making sure I'm okay, loving me unconditionally. This is the love I want. This is the love I won't stop until I get because I know it's out there waiting for me.

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