I, A Lemon

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This is not your typical love story.


1. I, A Lemon

The yellow of his beauty was dazzling. His eyes blinked rapidly inside his bittersweet flesh, and a shred of a smiled licked his face. 

"You know, Eureka," he whispered, "you are by far the most beautiful lemon I have ever met. Everything about you, it's just beautiful, so very, very beautiful."

I, a mere mortal lemon, was shocked by his words. He is by far the most popular lemon in Lemon High School, and the thought that he could love such a lemon as me, well, it was quite startling. "Avalon," I said to him, tears brimming in my citrus eyes. "I just have to say, whatever happens, when we are inevitably cut up, used by humans and put into their juices and their foods, whatever happens, no matter what, you are the most amazing, wonderful, kind lemon I have ever met. I love you, don't ever think any differently."

"I won't." 

And just as the two of us were plucked from the fruit bowl, I felt the faintest of shivers crawl across my lips.

A kiss that I, a lemon, had never, ever anticipated.

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