The Corpse Bride -Gone Wrong-

Well it is a film by Tim Burton and I love this film so much! I decided to make it a book but change it, a lot! I hope you enjoy it and sorry I have been on for a year, this has been one busy year plus I forgot movella existed!


1. How we met

The town was not so busy this morning, but everyone who was in town well they were all working, cutting fish heads and delivering food anything really. I woke up nervous scared and frightened. The wedding practice, not only that but I haven't even met the bride! It's like an arranged marriage although I don't like to call it that. All I'm looking for is a girl who is kind hearted and pretty I guess."victor darling we are meeting them today" Mrs.van goth shouted."I will be down in a jiffy mother" victor shouted back."make sure to look smart, and don't worry I bet the bride will be wonderful, and hopefully her parents will be wonderful and polite" Mr.van goth said. Victor walked downstairs all fancy ready for the practice and mainly for the meet and great. They were all ready to go and just in time the carriage arrived.


They were called the Everglots. Their daughters name was Victoria. Soon the Van Goths arrived at their destination. It didn't take to long but Victor wished it did, he was very nervous. Now can the moment of truth. (In Victors head) "keep calm Victor everything is going to be alright, everything will be fine!". Just to make things worse a wasp started to fly around Victor. Soon it flew off. Mr Van Goth knocked on the door in a friendly but impatient way. "Lovely to meet you Mr and Mrs Everglot!" Said Mr. Van Goth. "Wonderful to meet you!" In an unfriendly way Mrs. Everglot said. Everybody walked in and looked around at this huge palace well mansion and looked startled. (The parents are ugly looking, or so I think! The dad if very short and fat, the mum is very tall and thin but has horrible hair!) "I hope Victoria Dosent look like her parents!!!" Victor said to himself in his head. All the adults well parents went into the grand dining hall for tea whilst Victor stayed behind looking around. That's when he saw a grand piano and decide to play it. Beautiful music he played. Meanwhile, upstairs was the beautiful bride Victoria. "Who's playing that music? It's beautiful isent it!" Victoria said filled with delight. "I have never heard such beautiful music!" Said the maid.



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