Who's That Boy

Vincent Castronovo is new at school and he doesn't know anyone. What happens when he has to sit next to Melinda in one of his classes and she catches his eyes.


1. Chapter 1

* Melinda's Pov * 

Waking up to pounding on my door knowing it was probably my mom. Getting out of bed I opened my door to see it was my mom.

" hurry up or you're going to be late " she said

" alright okay " I said and closed my door then went to my bathroom and got in the shower.

Getting out I got dressed in light blue skinny jeans, my black pocket tank top, and black toms. I did my hair in a side fishtail braid then I grabbed my bag and out my binder , pencils , and pens inside of it. I grabbed my charger case that was fully charged and put inside of my bag also. Grabbing my phone and earphones I left my room to the kitchen. My mom then made me a bowl of cereal ad just as I was about I sit down and eat she stopped me. 

" you don't have time to sit and eat " she said and I grabbed the bowl and followed my mom outside to the car and got in. 

On my way to school I ate m breakfast. Once my mom stopped in front of my school I opened the door. 

" bye mom " I said 

" have a good day " my mom said and I closed the door.

I then walked over to the bench where my friend Rosa was and I sat next to her. 

" hey bestie " I said 

" hey when did you get here " Rosa said 

" just now " I said 

" oh " she said then the bell rang and we got up and went to our lockers. 

Putting my combination in I grabbed my things for my first class. Sitting down in my seat I at there with Rosa in front of me waiting for class to begin. Once class began there was a knock on the classroom door. Walking in was the assistant principal and there was a boy walking in behind him. Mr. Colins then handed Mrs. Alvarez a paper and she nodded then Mr. Colins left.

" class it seems like we a new student...this is Vincent Castronovo he just moved here ... Vincent you can sit next to Melinda " Mrs. Alvarez said and I raised my hand and Mrs. Alvarez handed Vincent his schedule the he came and sat next to me. 

When the bell rang I got up and headed to my locker. Getting my stuff for my next class's I felt a tap on my shoulder. Turning around I seen the new kid. 

" hey I'm Vincent but you can call me Vinny " the new kid named Vinny said 

" hi Vinny " I said 

" do you know where room A110 is ? " Vinny asked 

" yea that's my next class " I said 

" lead the way " he said and I closed my locker as we walked to class. 

I sat in my seat and Vinny sat behind me. By the time lunch came around I was sitting with Rosa and I seen Vinny looking for somewhere to sit. 

" hey Vinny come sit with us " I called out to him and he looked at me and smiled. 

Walking over to our table he sat down with me , Rosa , and Josh. 

" hi Melinda " Vinny said

" hey how's school so far " I ask 

" good " Vinny said 

" do you like it here " I asked 

" yea it's okay I guess " he replied 

" do you have any siblings " I said 

" two sisters named Alessandra and Bianca what about you " Vinny said 

" I have a brother named Danny in the military he's away rite now " I said 

" nice do you miss him " Vinny said

" yea like everyday he's my best friend " I said

" cool " he said

" oh Vinny this is Rosa and Josh " I said

Rosa said

" hey man " Josh said

" hey " Vinny said and we sat at the table eating and talking but mostly talking.

Once the bell rang we left the cafeteria to our next class. I didn't have any of my next classes with Vinny , Rosa or Josh. But anyway I got to class and sat down. Taking out a piece if paper and started to draw on it. Being bored in the rest of my classes made school go by faster . Walking out to see my mom in the car waiting for me. I got in the car and my mom drove home. Walking in the house I slipped off my shoes and headed to the kitchen. 

" how was school " my mom asked 

" good we got a new kid in my class " I said 

" oh really who " my mom said 

" his name is Vincent Castronovo " I said 

" oh you mean the neighbors " she said 

" the what " I said 

" the neighbors they moved in yesterday " my mom said 

" oh okay well I have homework to do so see you when dinner is ready " I said 

" okay " my mom said and I made myself a sandwich and headed up to my room. 

Sittingnon on my bed I started to do all my homework. After I finished my homework I grabbed my phone and texted Rosa. 

[ Text Convo ]
Me - what do you think if the new kid 
Rosa🌹❤️ - Idk he's ok I guess why ? 
Me - I was just asking 
Rosa🌹❤️ - oh. Did you get the answer to number 10 
Me - yea it's x=3
Rosa🌹❤️ - ok thank you 
Me - welcome
[ End Of Text Convo ]

Setting my phone down I then turned on my tv and watched from season 1 to half of season 3b of teen wolf. The first episode of season 4 comes in tonight at 10 and I can't wait I'm so happy. Anyway by the time seven thirty came around I got out of bed and took my shower before dinner was ready . I got out and dried off then I put on my pajamas I threw my hair into a messy bun. After getting ready for bed I went down to the kitchen and started to eat dinner with my mom and dad. When I finished eating dinner I went back up to my room and plugged in my phone and kept watching teen wolf.

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