1. Chapter 1

* Jasmine's Pov *

I cry almost everyday since me and Madison broke up. That reason being is because he kissed my best friend in front if me then said that it's not what it looks like. I slapped him across the face and ran home crying my eyes out. I just can't get over him. I got off my bed and went to my bathroom and took a shower.

I then got out and brushed my teeth and washed my face. I left my bathroom and got ready in this.

I went to my full length mirror and curled my hair , I then put on my diamond stud earrings and ear cuffs. I left my room and headed downstairs to the kitchen where I see my mom cooking breakfast.

" morning mom " I said

" hey Jas " my mom said

" so what's the plan for today since you're off " I said

" we'll we could go shopping at the mall then to the movies " she said

" sounds like a plan " I said

See my mom is like my best friend we do everything together we do each other's hair , nails , make up, and go shopping. She he set down a plate with my food on it with a cup of orange juice. We then ate and started talking.

" so what movie do you want to see " my mom had asked

" I was thinking Ride Along with Kevin Heart I heard it was funny " I said

" sound like a good idea " she said then after we finished eating she went upstairs and changes out of her pajamas.

When end she came back downstairs she was dressed I looked at her from head to toe then looked at her shoes.

My mom looked absolutely beautiful rite now. Anyway we left the house and got in her car and drove to the mall. We got out the car and went inside the mall . We walked into Forever 21 and looked around then I picked up a few shirts and pants and shorts then headed to the fitting room and tried the clothes on. After I tried them on I left the fitting room and went to pay for the clothes.

We then left Forever 21 to Hollister. We walked in and looked around then tried stuff on then paid for some stuff. While walking to the next store I seen a boy that looked oddly familiar , he then turned around but he didn't see me and I gasped.

" mom it's Madison " I said

" where " she said looking around

" walking towards us what am I supposed to do " I said

" let's go hide into this store till he passes by " my mom said and we went into the store and waited till Madison passes by.

When he he did pass by we then walked out of the store them continued shopping. By the time we were done shopping I had five shirts , three pair of pants , four pairs of shorts , and three pairs of shoes. We walked out to the car and put our bags inside then got in. My mom then drove to the movie theatre.

We stood in line to get our tickets.

Once to the front of the line at the ticket window my mom paid for two tickets for Ride Along. After getting our tickets we went inside and went to room number six. The movie didn't start till seven thirty and it was seven twenty , so we stayed out in the lobby and I played the games they had. When it was seven twenty-five me and my mom went and stood in the snack line for food.

When at the front of the line my mom ordered a larger popcorn and two small sodas then we went back to the theatre room. We decided to sit way at the top in the middle. As the movie went on we ended up running out of popcorn do my mom got up and went to get some more. While she was gone getting more popcorn I looked around the theatre room and my eyes landed on the back of Madison's snap back.

He was sitting in front of the row that was in front of me. I shook my leg rapidly wishing my mom would hurry up. When she finally walked in and say down I wad happy.

" finally " I said

" what's wrong " my mom said

" he's here too " I said

" who " she said

" who else " I said

" where " she said looking around

" in front of the row that's in front of us in my seat " I said as she found him

" do you want to leave " my mom asked me

" no " I said sighing and continued watching the movie.

After the movie was over we quickly got up and left the movie theatre. We got in the car and my mom drove us back home. Once we got home I grabbed my bags out of the car and went up to my room and sat on my bed.

Eventually I ended uo getting in the shower then I put on my pajamas with my hair in a messy bun. My mom brought me up a plate with two slices of pizza , cheddar ruffles , and an orange Gatorade. She sat the food on my bed and she sat next to me.

" are you okay " my mom asked me

" yea I'm fine " I said

" alright I love you " she said

" love you too " I said and she hugged me then kissed my forehead then left my room.

I then started to eat my food and watched re runs od the Bad Girls Club all night till I fell asleep.

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