Random thoughts and things I would never say to peoples faces!


1. hello

Hello! I'm not dead! I know I have not been reading or updating for what seems like forever but now I'm back so let's get to the random stuff!

So yesterday awkwardness happened! So Im in the 4th grade so bear with me my gossip may be super lame but here it goes! Yesterday I had May friend tell my crush I liked him. Then this other girl that knew told some other kids in the class that I liked him. The kid who told him for me did the evilest thing you can do. Ok so you know how if a kid tells a teacher you like someone there like SO evil. Ya she told a teacher and I was this{} close to getting the "there's no dating in this school lecture and it was so embarrassing! And now for the thought of the day... Why do they flavor ice cream say strawberry for example they say it's strawberry ice cream when in all reality it's only strawberry flavored? Just call it strawberry flavored I cream not straight strawberry! Well gotta go bye y'all!

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