Harry styles is my father; Larry

Harry finds out while on tour, he has a 15-year-old daughter. How will Louis take to this? Will this bring the band?


1. chapter one

"Hello my name is Alexis Styles, my address is riverflow lane, Clairmont bank,Redditch, worcestershire. B96" Send an ambulance now!!"

"Miss Styles, help is on the way. Stay on the line so we can assure your safety and... Miss Styles? Miss Styles? Hello?"

The line was dead.

I was so scared I didn't know what to do. My mom was lifeless on the bathroom floor. I was crying out of fear, regret, and anxiety. What was I going to do I'm so scared. I wouldn't have a mom anymore. I'm terrified.

Just then I hear banging on the front door. A mans voice yells "Alexis Styles, you called for our service." And then I froze....everything came crashing down at once. "I can't do this" I mumbled to my self. Then I broke down on my knees and just sobbed uncontrollably. "Miss I need you to open the door or we will have to break it down." The men needed in and I refuse to leave my mothers side. "We're coming in." I hear them say followed by a big shaking crash.

They flooded up the stairs and pulled me away from the scene. They put my mother on a stretcher and rolled her to the stairs. One of the EMTs walked towards me and pulled me from my knees and hugged me tight. "Shhh it's okay.. Everything is gonna be fine."

He picked me up and carried me down the stairs bridal style as I cried into his chest.

We all loaded onto the ambulance and endured the frantic horrifying ride to the hospital. Once we arrived they took my mother back into emergency OP and told me to wait in the lobby.

The same ENT from earlier came to my side and then started asking me simple questions.

"Hi my name is Andrew" this guy was so nice he seemed like he genuinely cared about me and my well being. "I- I'm Alexis" I replied shakily. "Why don't you come with me, let's go for a walk." "O-Okay" I replied trying to hold in tears that were threatening to spill.

"So tell me about yourself, how old are you?" He asked me apparently trying to take my mind off of things "I just turned fifteen"

I said with no emotion. "Okay, umm you probably don't want to talk about this but, do you know what happened to your mother?" He asked as if he was testing his boundaries.

I shook my head and stopped walking. "My mom and I were arguing about her never letting me do any thing" I sighed "there's a concert coming to San Dieogo this month and I really wanted to go and she just kept shooting the idea down and I didn't understand why." "I just wanted to see my favorites so bad."

"Okay, what happened after the argument?" he asked "well I kinda stomped off to my room and slammed the door" I said having regrets for everything. "I mean I was just so mad... S-she wouldn't let me g-go"

"Later on that evening she tried to come in my room and talk to me, but I screamed at her to get out and that I wished that I had a different mom" I said as a few tears slipped from my eyes "she tried to apologize but I slammed the door, I was s-so fed up." "Uh-huh, okay and then what" he said looking down.

"Then she went in her room and cr-cried, she was saying things to hher self like, "I'm a terrible mom" "i can't do this on my own" "I can't take it any more"

"Everything was silent for the next 20 minutes or so" "I knocked on her door and I heard no response...so I w-walked in her room anddd" I stopped talking and dazed out.

"Anddd what" he said regaining my attention. "Anddd I saw her laying on the floor with pills scattered on the floor around her h-hands"

"I called 911 and now I'm here" I said quietly with a shame filled voice. "Okay" he said "let's start walking back to the lobby and we'll see how things are going"

"Andrew, can I have a word with you" one of the doctors said.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OOOOH CLIFF HANGER lol. I'm sorry haha I'll update ASAP butttt, I gtg for now 😘😘 I love you guys stay strong

P.s. Sry I didn't bring Harry into it yet but I need to get a base down for Alexis first bc yeah. I'll probably bring Harry into it next chapter. Okay? :c


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