Love and Torment

Based on a RP (We do not own the cover, I just edit it )


1. Dedication

It's Danii Brown here. 


This book is inspired by a role play that I am in. And boy, is it a fun role play to be in. @Annabella Breeze and @Chrissy Marie Horan are the main girls in this role play. Annabella plays Piper, Michael, Calum and the occasional random e.g. Perrie. Chrissy plays Luke, Christa and also the occasional random. The person who started the role play is @Ally Boo. Unfortunately, I have yet spoken to her but she plays Calum’s little sister, Ally, who has a crush on Luke. We can all relate to that…maybe. And of course, there are others who join who play their parts in this book so I would also like to dedicate this book to them. Without these guys, geez, I have no idea what would be happening in the role play. Now who do I play? I play Shelly (a fangirl who I introduced in the complete wrong way, sorry Anna and Chrissy), Shelly doesn’t really play a huge part. As you will find out, she redeemed herself. Somehow, she ended up as the designated person to call the ambulance. I also play Zayn and Ashton, Christa’s brother. Poor Christa, everything changed that one fateful concert. Which is also where Shelly redeemed herself. And Piper, well, she was confused for a while but she figured out who she really loves.  Thanks Anabelle ;) Nah, you’re pretty cool. We also have Luke's little Sister, (@T.W.S Shadownight) she is dating Niall Horan, and her name Is Elizabeth or as we call her Lizzi! She is a solo artist and an amazing person to have in this RP! Were so lucky to have all these wonderful people enjoy the book! 

Now before I start, I always try to incorporate truth into my books based on the recent events that happen in the world of 5SOS and 1D and Zayn e.g. Zayn’s broken engagement with Perrie (let’s pause for a moment and cry – those who are sad – and rejoice – for those who are happy). I always like to stay true to them too. Its my number one rule when writing fanfic; stay true to them and stay true to the events.

And now, I will get started on writing this fantastical book.

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