Pleasurable Therepy

"Would you like to play a game Aspin? Daddy smiled taking of his tie. I giggled in antisipation. What type of game daddy?i would always ask" I told my seemingly unintrested therapist. I stopped talking , waiting for him to look up from his notes. He stopped looking up with those dark eyes , I smiled because I knew I had his attention.

" go on miss. Remedy" he said crossing his legs , a piece of dark hair falling on his face , making me want to brush it away.

" as I was saying , daddy ...

Joslin Remedy is known. She is famous , a world renowned actor , model and porn star. The only thing is she has a problem calling men "daddy" , which winds up getting in the way of one of the biggest opportunities of her life. She is sent to Julius a well known highly recommended therapist for the rich and famous who deals in the specific areas of sexual extremities.

warning , will contain themes of sex , sexual things , bdsm , and other wired shit , if you are not comfort level I advise you

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