Love story

Natalie meets the new guy tristan. Will they get along? or will they hate each other?


1. Love at first sight?

Natalie doesn't really enjoy school. Thats only because she already understands everything. She's in math class and she's barely paying attention to the lesson. Katie also known as the bitch was sitting next to her. She wouldn't talk about the new boy. Apparently he's super hot. I turned to Katie tired of hearing her shit about how she's going to get the new hot boy "Katie can u shut the fuck and stop talking like a slut, oh wait i forgot you can't slut is your language" Someone clears their throat before she can answer. We both look up. He is a guy. About 6'0. He has piercing blue eyes. His hair was in a quiff. I snapped out of my trance. "Yes?" The guy just smirks. "Hey my name is Tristan" Surprisingly he is staring straight at me and Katie doesn't like it. At all. "Hi my name is Natalie" he sits in the chair on the other side of me. No where near Katie. I call her Kat. "So i'm the new guy" he said. "Wow your who everyone is talking about" I say pointing to Kat. Katie obviously doesn't like that she just got completely ignored so she butts into the conversation. "Hey Tristan I'm having a party tonight you should come" Katie says winking. Ugh she's just using him. It's like this every time she see's a cute guy. "I'll only go if Natalie goes" He says winking at me. He made my stomach do flips. What the hell is he doing to me? "WHAT! Tristan she's ugly and she has no friends plus who is she going to be with when you and me are having fun?" Tristan started laughing. Katie did it I had a chance at having a fucking friend and this bitch blew it just like she blows every other guy in this fucking school. "You think I'm going to have fun with you? And Natalie is not ugly she's beautiful and she does have friends cause I'm her friend" My face started turning red. Shit. "You're making the wrong choice Tristan. How are you supposed to fit in with her in the way?" Katie says a little pissed by his answer. "Katie I don't care about fitting in. You're the only one who cares and you're right I should go to your party and Natalie is my date" Tristan smirks. Both our heads bolt in Tristan's direction. "DATE?!" Katie and me say at the same time.


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