My thoughts. 💭💬

my thoughts on different topics.


2. cutting.🔪💉

Don't cut. Some people think that cutting is a way to relieve their pain. Emotional or physical. It's not. It is a horrible thing to do. Some people do this because they wanna die. Don't. You will die when it's your time. Don't make it your time. Please. You're beautiful in your own way and maybe some people won't see it because they are caught up in their little fairytale story. But don't worry because their little dream will soon turn into a nightmare. Because they are trying so hard to fit in. They are going to crash and burn. You have a reason to live. Maybe you don't see it but I do. You're amazing. Your life has a purpose and your purpose is to have fun before you can't. Smile, dance, go to parties maybe even get drunk but make sure you're not driving. Just have fun and live your life and ignore all those fucking idiots that are trying to ruin your moment because soon enough their moment will be ruined. So don't cut. Especially not over bullies. Just don't do it you're beautiful and amazing and somebody loves you and cares about you. Don't cut. -Nicole

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